Tuesday, March 2, 2010

...me thinks I got it...

guess what, I think I may have figured out what I did wrong before...I was having trouble posting my grab-button.  So after lunch, I tried posting a banner I made several years ago..the one at the top, duh- it worked... however, its only for use as a banner...its no button...blah.   I thought the robin added a spring time charm.  

The sun is out there today! yea!!    Enough of the winter-blahs.  



Matty said...

Mrs 4444 ordered me to stop by and say hello. I get all confused with that HTML stuff. I have limited success with it.

Kerri said...

Yeah I have a hard time with html but I'm getting there. Check out this site...this is how I finally figured out how to link my grab button.

Stopping by as suggested by Mrs4444.

Have a good day.

Oscar said...


hey I've been bloggig for over a year and still don't have all the fancy stuff you have up. Nice!

Send some sun MY way!

Mrs4444 said...

It's cute and springy :)


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