Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Angel Tart Warmer

Sweet Angel sits atop a leaf looking onto a flower, this is a ceramic tart warmer, comes with a tealight and a tart.  This sells for $5.25 USD.   This one is stock.   What a great Christmas gift!   
E-mail your questions to me, I will be glad to help.  
By the way, I use Soy & beeswax to make my hand poured soy candles.   ;) 

Psalm 37:4

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Candle Wick Trimmers

If you would like information on the wick trimmers that I sell, please leave me a comment, and I will answer that way, leaving my email was not the best I have been getting a lot of spam.

I've been in the candle making business for 3 years, I've done fundraisers, and in home parties.  Customers have always been very satisfied with my products. 
The next item is Wick Trimmers, $8.00 ea.  these are super great!  No more hassle with using scissors to cut the burnt wick, using these trimmers will do it for you with no mess of any kind, say goodbye to messy looking candles. 7.5" long, easy to use.  I have this product and I just love it.

Psalm 37:4

Here are some products I make......Foot Butter

It's hand whipped, with Shea Butter, Aloe Juice, and Essential Oil of Peppermint.  It truly is a nice butter!  You can either buy this in the 4oz size or the sample size. 
4oz. $8.00 ea.
When or if you would like to make an order, just know that each batch is made up fresh!
Nature's Heartland Candles and Bath

Psalm 37:4

Friday, September 17, 2010

Psalm 37:4

Just thinking....outloud

Here I am... just sittin' here thinking.   Did any of you miss me?  I always wonder that from time to time.   Time is turning around to Autumn again, leaves are starting to turn, and I've seen a few fall across our lawn.   With the changing of the seasons, also comes changes in my life...I'm no longer working outside of my home...yes, I've quit my work for now... to turn my head in another direction...working inside of the home, (our home) this actually means working!  ;)  I already had a candle business that I've been blessed with now for over 3 years, which I really enjoy doing!  However, I'm working to get my business online...yes, you read that correctly..onlineI'm pretty excited...and can't wait to get it all ready for you  to come see what I have to offer.   I have extended my line to also include bath products too!  So, when this is guys have to come by okay?  Puleeeeze....  ;)

Our veggie garden didn't produce Produce like it should have...what a joke...we did have a few well several zucchini  which were quite good tasting in brownies.  We enjoyed  several green beans...a few tiny green peppers....between the extreme heat and mosquitoes...we didn't dare step foot toward the garden to weed it the way we wanted to....the poor little garden.   It drew its final breath...and now its dead.   One has to wonder if its really worth while to maintain a garden.  In days gone by...we've enjoyed successful gardens....plants a plenty.  

Here's a few pictures to enjoy while I sit here thinkin' again....

 Beware of the giant hollyhock seed pods!  I'm being very silly... I'm sure you already know how one can be so silly in the early early morning hours... well...before I get too tired...I'm see you all later. ;)

Psalm 37:4


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