Monday, March 15, 2010

Bloggy bits of mind

....this blog has taken a back watchin' old tv shows like Columbo.  
Been also workin' my butt off at school.   Hardly feel like I made a dent in our assignment of helping the kids learn manners.  I brought in old phones to help the kids feel more comfortable in talking on the phone, do's and don'ts.  I just had to quiz the kids on see how much information they've retained.   Been feeling like I've been hitting my head against the wall.   It's almost depressing.   I have been depressed.  I thought it may have been the "change of life" I've been going through...but I'm really thinkin' its this class I'm teaching.  UGH.    Its been tough to lose an hour due to the time change too.  another ugh on that one.    I thought shopping for clothes was supposed to help in reducing "sighs" of stress... let me tell you it hasn't worked for me... it's not that I'm a, no....I never go shopping except grocery shopping and that doesn't count.   And the occasional trips to other stores for odds and ends.   I seriously thought that buying clothes was supposed to "free" the mind...refresh the soul.... but it didn't...  maybe I went in with the wrong attitude... I just don't get what clothes shopping is all about.   All I know is, I needed to update my wardrobe a little nothing fancy mind you...   
...the runnin' behind thing is just bumming me out....  I've just been so busy with work....I haven't found the time to sit here for hours on end to figure out how to make my blog-betta....  sorry grammer wasn't my strong suit.   Sometimes I just don't give a rip...  after all, its not like I have to impress anyone....  I may feel like I have times.... but I don't wanna.   


Caution Flag said...

Oh, girl! You're having a tough time, aren't you? The time changes stink. Just leave the time alone, Feds!! I hate shopping, too. Hate it.

Prairiemaid said...

Mary, I am sure the kids are absorbing more than you realize...even more than the quiz revealed. They are like sponges. They soak up continually.

Don't be so hard on yourself. Just do what matters to you.

Praying for you!



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