Sunday, February 28, 2010

I spy...

cat & mouse

red beauty

Its a cardinal for sure.... not too clear camera moved while trying to get this shot from the kitchen window. 

during these winter months we try to keep the bird feeders filled to the brim, and suet cakes too.  Lately we've been noticing an animal of some kind getting the suet cakes out of the feeding cages and dragging them off.  We'll probably have to wrap & tie a wire around the cage so that stinker (whatever it may be) doesn't take off with it.

A Time for Hope

~My Love~ do you love me?

At times I'm inspired to write poetry, I guess I have always written poetry even in my teens.  Most of my writings come from reading devotionals or my bible...but mostly from meditating on what I've read, it could be a passage from psalms or another scripture and music. 
In this poem, I believe the Lord is reminding us to not forget Him.  He loved us so much that he gave up his life, to give each and everyone of us a new life in him. 

Blessings to you!

Why do you ignore me?  Are you afraid to get close?  I've given my word to give you light~

Your Bible sits untouched- with a layer of dust.

Is my love too much?  Do you not trust?

My Love is freely given~ never earned~ I did this because I don't want you to burn.

My Love is eternal, my Love for you burns bright- please don't fight me-

I've given my Love so freely~

written by Mary 2009

Spring & Summer

Bee Balm

                                                   Tree Frog (cute!)

I thought this was a pretty hanging plant.

I just had to post some pictures to remind me of Spring & Summer.  Goodness...I will sure be glad when the snow leaves ....for good.

Month in review,

Review of last week.   I didn't post much was busy with work.  
For the month of February our class held a contest, with my kids at school, "Random Acts of Kindness",  I sat down with each child to see what they wanted to do for their "chores" either for a friend, family member or school mate.   We had two winners!   They each got prizes of modeling clay & water color set.    I am proud that these 2 children did their best to help with chores around at home, and without being asked. 

During the month of March our class will be learning about manners.   I've named it: "March Toward Good Manners".   

Off topic~we have more snow.  You've heard right.  Just when we started to see the old batch of snow melt to reveal the green earth, and little plants starting to appear..then we got blasted again!     Where oh where are you Spring?   Please come to visit us soon.

p.s.  last week hubby reported seeing 40-50 robins in our back yard!! 


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, again?!

I think all the energy I had Sunday must've got up and left... cause today, was a draggy kind of day.  Went to work as usual, but got home and had to take a large nap.  goodness.  Three hours long.  wowie.   Work went very well.  Kids were good. 

And now its long into the night, and I should be sleepy...I'm gettin' there.... well, I will try to do better tomorrow.  

I've changed my background again.  I'm amazed at all the creative backgrounds out neat.  I liked the one I had before with the little girl sittin' in a swing, but had to try somethin' different.   I would love to make my own backgrounds, alas, I'm still learning how to use my photoshop stuff.. gosh...huge program... I've had it for about 8 years now.   You'd think I'd know something by now...and I do a little... day I'll get there. 

Well...hope your day is filled with all kinds of blessings!  Mary


"Monday's make me sleepy."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good morning, ....9:28 am....or maybe not?!?

6:30 got up to start my day.  On my to do list:  start laundry, get an early dinner going so hubby could have some good food to eat during his lunch at work.  

7:30 decided to get a cake mix down from the pantry shelf, but alas I'll have that made later on in the day.

By 8:30 time for hubby to leave.   After hubby left, our cat started to act really funny or should I say that cat came after me, I told that cat a firm NO.  Even tho I stood my ground that dumb cat just reached over and bit me on the ankle.  That HURT!!  So, I got out the spray bottle of water to shut him up..*usually it works like a charm* but not this time.  This time with me turned around for just a second he jumped up and bit my arm!   I had enough of that little *fart* so I got some super-duty oven gloves, picked up that growling cat and tossed him out in the garage.   He even had the nerve to hiss at DARE he.

By 9:00 I was in the bathroom nursing my bad kitty wounds.  Mannnn...he must've really got a whiff of the outdoors.  There's been a cat or dog or raccoon hanging around in the night.  Every evening our cat will look out the windows checking his territory.   By the way, our cat is strictly an indoor kitty.  We had him fixed several years ago.   So that part of his mind should be "calm"....huh huh maybe not??   

Now the time is 10:11... I'm feeling better *I'm not so tense*  and the scratches are doing better.  Thank goodness.  Its not very often that cat act quite like that...but when he does stay outta the way!  Next time I think I'll try to shoo him out the garage door a little earlier.  Preferably when hubby is here...that cat respects him. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Add Me"

I will be making a button to represent my site.   But first I have to see what has gone wrong with my photoshop.  Maybe it got tangled up in the "demands"...hah. 

You look just like your aunt.....

OH,....Pleeeeeeze!  For goodness sake... I don't look like her.  *rolling my eyes*... my mother insists that look just like her.  Huh...really...naw.  I look like me.  With my face hidden behind my cellphone.   ...shhh...don't tell anyone...   I do not look like my aunt.   Final.  Finish. PERIOD.   LOL 

Huh?....what did you say?, I haven't started dinner yet... I know, I know....

Whatcha buildin' there daughter?

Every time I'd go into the kitchen, dad would lean from his easy chair and ask, "whatcha buildin' there daughter?"   "Well, at the moment nothing...why?"  "Oh, just wonderin'."    "Building" to my dad meant, what are you making, or what kind of sandwich are you having...that sort of thing.   My memories include me whipping up a batch of cookies~preferably oatmeal chocolate chip, or on rare occasions snickerdoodles.   When I was much younger I had my very own Easy Bake, those were the days lil' chocolate cakes, brownies, yellow cake,...I never did make the pretzels.  hmmm.. wonder why.  Oh well.. anyway it seemed as soon as one of the lil' cakes was still hot out of the oven, my brother would sneak a piece..huh, excuse me?! The whole cake!  I don't remember getting to taste any of my creations...well not all of them.  Gradually, I would ask mom if I could help her mix up a cake, or cut homemade noodles..what fun!  I loved watching her perfectly cutting out each row of noodles.   She made cooking look so easy.    This moment of "memory" came to mind..cause I really need to get my behind off of this desk chair and into the kitchen to make some dinner...gosh, time flies...I was just watching a movie, that we rented from this.   If you don't have Netflix you ought too.  No need to look from hundreds at the local video store...or having to take them back...ugh...not my kind of thing to do.   And I can't watch movies without having a bag of popcorn~kettle corn being my fave.  Yummmy... then, well...I drank the last of the diet there's nothing to drink...except water.  OK there's tea, but its still in their little bags.  
.....>>>>> like I said before<<<<<  I've got to get in that kitchen and make dinner....wheeeeeee.... :O)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Chiclets Gum

Remember Chiclets?  When I was little, I always asked if mom would buy some for me.   Do they still make them...I don't even know.

A Burger Chef memory

Here's an image from the past..I used to love their hamburgers.  :)  When I was young (like 9 or 10 years old), I would go over to a friend's house to play cars or trucks..he had legos too.  His sister would ask him if he wanted a hamburger or kids meal from Burger Chef..his reply would be.."yeah!, and don't forget the chocolate shake."... Several minutes later, he would sit there in front of me enjoying his meal. ugh. .... Since his mind and mouth were busy....I took my cue to go home.    (And when I say "mouth"...I mean, he would stop talking to me...tee-hee, I knew what you were thinkin'!)     


Josie's clay art

I wanted to share the clay art that Josie made in my class.   She is very creative. :)

Honey, what did my dad used to say?

I'm sitting here updating my blog..and was trying to think of something to post.  Just then a memory came floating back in my mind...something that my dad used to say.. "Honey, what did my dad used to say?" I remember..  "Got to get this head outside and get the wind blowing around it."    To some, it wouldn't mean much..but to me, makes me think about him.   He was special in so many ways, and such a character.   He had many friends and family members that loved him.. and we all miss him too.   

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Window Sparrow

So...I was watching outside the window when a bunch of birds flew up into the bush..and thought it would make for an interesting pic.   I think its cute. 


I was anxious to get a pic of this red beauty before he flitted off.   Snap! Just in time. 

Our bushes in front were just loaded with sparrows, chickadees, ...and I spotted my first big fat robin.  Oooo, a sign of spring!   The picture below isn't the best-but at least I snapped it in time!  


For the folks in warmer climates....look what you're missing!

For the rest of comes another winter storm.  bah.  

This just makes us want Spring even more!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Greeting Cards from the past

Here are two original greeting cards that I made in 1988.  One was made for Mom & Dad and the other was made for Mom.  It's pretty obvious that I used to be a Suzy Zoo fan.  :O)  Those were the days before I knew about computers. hah.

Baby Chicks

"Baby Chicks"
My original drawing came out a little too dark after looking at the photograph. So lightened it up a bit.
As I sketched this out this morning, I could almost "feel" their soft, fuzzy down and hear the peeping sounds.
As I write this, the snow keeps falling outside my window.

Blazing Stars

Blazing Stars.  
Lavender flowers grow on tall spikes, some reaching upwards to 3 or 4 feet.   Glorious~in a blaze of purple beauty. 


Sunflower, a reminder of sunny warm days ahead.
This one grew tall in my front area of the house, next to my first it seemed out of place..but the more it grew, the more I liked seeing its sunny face.

Happy Sunflower Showers, Mary

Vintage dress fabric

 Vintage dress fabric, I'm told dates back to the 1940's or possibly 1950's.   I thought it looked more like a marker designed drawing.  Interesting.

Pink Kalanchoe

Pink Kalanchoe
happy birthday

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Winter's Moon

A winter's moon framed by dark, spooky looking branches.
photo by Mary.

Quick Sketches

Quick sketches using markers.
Decorate the bulletin board at work.

Tags/ praying for you

I love to make different and unique tags in photoshop. 

Poor Little Wren

Poor little wren, he never got all his colors, and yet he waits patiently, perched on an old wire fence.  This was started back in 2002..
I love to watch wrens they're so cute as they fly & flit around to every branch and bush.

Blessings to you, Mary

Vase & flowers

My first paintbrush drawing. pretty good. I remember it was for a friend.

Little Hummer

You've probably seen this little hummer on my other sites.  This was also mouse-drawn in paintbrush.

"Mittens & Mouse"

I named these two kitties Mittens & Mouse and as you can see they've gotten themselves in trouble again.   Mouse-drawn in paintbrush.  2002.

Country Tags by Mary

This tag was made in photoshop.

From this photo that was taken in the country last summer.

Hummingbird in a floral garden

Spring time must be around the corner somewhere~its just hard to see with all this snow. 
I'm starting to buy seeds for my garden, flowers and veggies.  Because I'm so sick of winter, drawing a hummingbird in a floral garden just made me feel good. 

And look at this reminds me of the beautiful Cosmos that bloomed in my neighbors yard last summer.  They were just beautiful dancing in the breeze..little butterflies and bees gathered around each flower.

Up close pic of hummingbird.  Drawing is a way of creating what's on my heart, and releases tension too. 

Happy Spring!


One morning, I just decided to pick up my pencil and sketch. I used to hand draw all of my own greeting cards many years ago. Maybe I should get back into it again.


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