Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Frustrating Possibilities

Fact:  I am frustrated.

A brief summary of why I feel frustrated:   Almost every blog out there seems to have "contests" or a free giveaway.. I know what a contest is but I'm not sure how giveaways work.   I've been feeling rather clueless these days.   I do have an idea what I would like to giveaway..its a secret for now..but any suggestions on how I get started would be wunnerful.  :O)   

Oh, another thing is... I see blog awards...everywhere...  I'm almost sure I  won't be getting any as I'm not part of any blogger associations... I've tried to find a ring to belong to like for artists, or photography or whatever... and haven't found a thing.  zip.    So I'm asking my few readers if ya'll have any clues or suggestions or ... I'm not sure what else. 

Update to say... I'm now trying out Blog Frog.   Please come visit my site and I will return the's that?   A square deal.    Who doesn't like square deals these days.    I'm trying out whatever will work to increase the "value" of my blog.   Not that I can place a value on my postings...cause some probably aren't worth much...well, they are to me...but that's not the point.    I know you can't see what I do in the background... but this evening I decided to visit other sites...mostly crafting sites... WOW!  I'm impressed with each and every one of their creativity for sure!   Makes me want to cry.   I haven't done that much crafting in a single day much less a single year.   These days my job takes away hours that I could be here at home doodling, or doing something craftsy.   or is that crafty?   Does not matter.   I would love, love to stay up and visit around some more...but my next day of work beckons me to quit this silly writing...and get some much needed sleep.      

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