Friday, August 12, 2011

NH Supplies for your crafting needs

Calling all crafters!    Come by to visit my shop on Etsy.    NH Supplies

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

lost and found

One of things I find most frustrating is not being able to find things like my camera charger. Especially when I need it.

I hunted all over the place trying to locate the darn thing.... only to realize its in the car!!   I'm wanting to list some things to sell online.

Hope to sell a collection of rubber stamps; brass templates; and a few rubber stamps purchased in Japan.  

Over the weekend, we visited open houses.    We aren't looking to sell our house any time soon.

I fell in love with a house that over looked a river.   It was absolutely beautiful.   

Each room was graced with lovely antiques.   And built in book shelves.  Which looked very nice.      

The stairs were steep, which made me wonder how in the world do they get their furniture up there... I mean without falling.    That's the only thing I would not care for...  plus the house looked as if it had movement at some time.   Cracks in the walls, settling I suppose.

Maybe the reason I really fell in love...was the decoration on the walls... style.    I don't have many pictures on my walls.  I did have at one time.    Like my mother wonders why I don't have  one of my dad.     My excuse?   He's not around anymore.  He was killed in an automobile accident in 1997.   And at times, I still feel somewhat uncomfortable to have his picture staring at me.   .... And I'll admit.... when I recall a memory.... my eyes puddle up.   The pain of that tragic event... has left.    I want to remember only the good times.   ....   I'm just not comfortable to have a picture displayed.  

My husbands' paintings are hung in our office.   We spend a great deal of time on the computer.   And with the hot, unbearable days.... I find myself absorbed in watching shows on television.   I would rather be outside... gathering and pulling weeds that have choked plants.  Or riding our bikes.   But who can stand this heat!   I certainly cannot. "(




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