Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another dream before it fades~ I'm with dozen's of kids some teenagers, I don't know why or how I got among them but we seemed to be looking for someone...I kept asking who are we looking for?  I got no answer.  Then we were running along the highways, then running along train looked like the desert or a wide open plain.  In the distance we could see mountains rising I began to wonder if we were out west some place.  The kids would stop briefly to rest, some would drink water from bottles, others would just sit on the didn't matter to them where they sat.  I thought I was tired but didn't feel any joint pain nor was as if I were young again..whoo hoo I began to jump up and down.  One big kid came over to me and said, "you might want to save your energy as we have a far way to go."   A little girl came up behind the kid pulled on his shirt tail and asked "how far?"  Her little face seem flushed..I noticed how this little girl looked just like a little doll.  Soft brown curls embraced her round face.   Then without anyone saying anything we got up..dusted the dirt off our bottoms and walked then we seemed like miles and legs were strong...I was in good form...never having to catch my was wonderful to feel this supernatural strength.   Finally, we arrived at a train station...but it was no ordinary station, and by the look of the train it wasn't like anything I'd ever seen.  The train itself had no sides just a floor...there were long sturdy metal polls in which to hang onto, or there were cold steel benches to sit a spell.  I wasn't sure I wanted to ride anything like this ...but I got on that thing...and we rode what felt like a bullet train...I held on for dear life!  I wasn't as brave as these young ones were...   
....the dream starts getting choppy..and its not from all the detail mentioned above...that's just the way my dreams seem to go... well there we were, standing on some bridge or maybe like a dock...yes, it was a dock an old wooden place that had almost worn away from thousands of travelers before us.. it was weird...the place wasn't any place I had known before...nothing looked familiar.. I felt sad for my group of young friends...for it looked like we were standing at the end of the earth.  Then water seemed to unfold right in front of was like the kids knew this would happen...I was in awe of this beautiful sight...waters with big waves in the distance,...I could feel fresh ocean I thought where are the beaches?...couldn't we just stay here for a little while? Rest ourselves....we could see if there were any guest houses available if only for one night...then it hit joints started to ache.  I tried telling the kids, I'm sorry I can't go on..  about that time...a ship appeared to be right in front of us...with a man welcoming us aboard...I thought wow what great service...and we don't have money!   Alright...we got on the ship...then, we found ourselves wrapped in big, thick bath a spa...oh it felt so nice...but those darn kids could not be still....they kept saying "where is she? I don't see her."  By now I wanted somebody to give me an I walked up to the big kid and demanded "Who are you looking for?!?"  I'm've got to be tired too.  Without a word, the little girl walked around the corner of a big wall..."Here she is!"  I just had to see who this woman was...then it dawned on me I'm still wrapped up in this heavy thick towel...I guess it won't hurt to meet her...after all... I was comfortable and didn't want to hide behind a big potted plant or behind a wall like she was..not now..I'd been through too much. A woman in her late 60's was now holding the hand of this little they quietly walked into the open room...she wasn't too tall...nor too heavy...seemed to be a quiet woman...the kids that were standing by me....were now walking up to her..I could hear some say, "Why did you leave us?"  "Are you coming back?"  "Are you safe?"   ....I thought it strange that no one said...I love you.  The woman just stood there, never saying a word just looking straight ahead as if she had been brainwashed...a prisoner of shame.   I wanted to reach out to give her my hand to say...I'm sorry...or to comfort.  She looked if the years of work had taken its toll.  
Then it seemed like time had run out...there was a force saying we had to leave...we couldn't stay.....just when the dream gets really involved...I have to leave...I didn't want to leave such a place...I was in a Spa....on a often do I get to be with such an interesting bunch of kids....they were looking for their mother...I finally figured it out...they were LOOKING all over the place....then they find her....I felt a lump in my throat...I knew I was going to cry...    not a tear flowed.... was I going to get home?  Where were my clothes?   Were they coming with me?..... I don't know how to get back!   I started to freak out.   The scene changed just like that!   It was totally weird.  We were now on a smaller type of boat...yes, we had our clothes on...yes, we had coats we were drifting about in an open area of wasn't as was rather cold, dark and gray, the distance...there were huge- I mean HUGE rocks...more like ice bergs  with a great Great Noise I saw flashes of white...then sounds of these huge rocks were no more...
then I woke up.   Some of you might think I made this whole story up...nope, this was a dream....I had gone back to sleep...after being up so early this morning...  I dream in details...I always have.   I hope you enjoyed this wild n' interesting adventure... I don't know what happened to the kids... 
I was a bit bored yesterday, so I thought I would fly around the earth.   I was visiting a certain city~ and I noticed an interesting feature of Google Earth- live traffic- I had clicked on that feature before, but didn't really know what to do with it; now I can actually click on the green dots and it will show how fast that car is going, or at least give an average speed.   My first thought was how cool is that, then I got to thinking, no, that isn't cool at all.  What if *they* could also record car gab...hmmm...not a pretty sight.   
Later I was sleeping.. I had a dream...had to be a dream and yet it seemed so real.  I was flying around to different cities, and as I flew around (without any effort on my part)...actually I was zipping here and there it was just too cool!   I saw cars speeding down the roadways...and thought how will I get their attention to slow down?  I know, I'll let Caution Flag know about this...she has the power to stop these people.  But first I needed someone to direct traffic flow- so I thought Mrs. 4444 could do this easily enough.  So I asked both~and they said, "Sure we'd love to help" Mrs. Caution Flag wrote out the speeding tickets, while Mrs. 4444 directed the traffic...and I handed out the tickets.  We did this in every city.   After it was all done...we looked at each other and smiled...we just knew with a little hard work we could do anything!   When I woke up this morning around 3:30...I thought wow that was awesome.  I should blog about this.   When I look over what I've written, its just so funny.  LOL  I just had to share.    I really do visit Caution Flag's site quite often...she has such a natural way of saying things...I have a deep desire to share my thoughts too...but I'm afraid that I won't know how to say it.  Like I don't have a natural writing flow...maybe I do and don't know it.   Then I think, why even write peeps won't bother coming by to read my post...heck, there's hardly any followers out there.  Then I think...hey, this is my Blog...who cares...but I do care... I hope some day more peeps will want to follow...  leave your comments too.   Or I won't know who came to visit me or should I say my blog.  Cause, when you've left your comments I usually do visit your blogs.  I'm still in the process of checking...give me some I'm usually very busy during the week.  However, during the summer I will have tons of time off...I'm already interested in an exercise class at the Y.  I'm still checking out when the times will be...hopefully, it will be held during the mid-morning hours as this would be a great time for gets my mind awake..then I'm ready for the day of whatever I'll be doing like gardening or cleaning...I really need to get going on this carpet.  I have a Hoover Rug Cleaning Machine... we purchased it when we lived in another house, we had gotten new was so heavenly to walk on with bare feet.  I was determined to keep it looking like we got the machine...I used it quite religiously.  OOooo it made those carpets shine!  Well not shine but you know what I mean.   Then when we moved to this house...ahem...the carpet isn't really my cup of its an ugly berber type of carpet.  There are some nice ones out there, but trust me this is ugly.  And there's pulled up...places ...where the rabbit we once had.....chewed.   One thing you don't want to do is allow a rabbit to just have the run of the house....heh...we found out the hard way.  It wasn't our idea to buy this kind of was already was new sort of...if the renters of the house didn't have a dog...I would say it looked new...I'm not sure where the dog was allowed to go...I mean GO!   As we found signs of the bathroom...and in various places.   So, we got out the rags...and some cleaning solution and got to cleaning up those spots, before we moved the furniture in.   Manfred was the dogs name.   I think it does not matter, I just remember seeing the dog on occasion when we were still the process of buying the home.  
Oh my, looked what happened here...I forgot myself...and plopped my thoughts on here!  Yea...I'm doing better...   good.   I better end this post before it goes miles down the road.  We may have to get Mrs. Caution Flag to write me a ticket!   :)


Friday, April 23, 2010

Freaky Friday:  Is really a "left over of Thursday's probs"  I'm not saying I want all my freaky Friday's to be this way- no not hardly.  Yesterday was rough.  Usually my days just roll into another without a care... cause for the most part my students do well...but some parents just have to take their frustrations of their day out on me...when did I become a dumping ground?   I guess, some peeps just have to "explode"... and why not use the teacher... yup...why not.    I did keep my cool.  I wasn't happy-to hear some of her complaints, but I did keep cool.   She is always reminding me that she likes Christian Schools over public schools.   And I keep telling myself-she has a choice-just send your kid back to where you feel more comfortable.  Other wise, you'll never really be happy. 

Want to be included in Freaky Friday's ?  Read on and leave your link!  Easy as pie. post was really about Thursday leftovers...but it's only because I haven't gone through my Friday yet.... If you'd like to share a freaky Friday experience...don't hesitate!  Begin the top of your post with the words   Freaky Friday       Just leave your LINK belowRemember in your post to link back to my blog.     All LINKS not related to Freaky Friday's will be deleted.   Oh~your experience doesn't have to happen only on friday's ~ your freaky experience may have happened on another day or another week or month ago... just remember to post it in your Freaky Friday post!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ABC Wednesday:  N is for Nurture  definition to train, to care for, feed nourish, educate.   In the world of an educator, we help train or Nurture the minds of children.   
Recently, I just purchased several plants for my perennial garden, so to make sure they grow to their fullest height & beauty I must Nourish the plant roots with water & food.   
So to eNd on a good Note:  
Plant yourself deep in a bed of faith, and pack it down solid and tight.  Drench daily with positive thinking, and keep saturated just right.  Mulch often with forgiveness, for this will help you grow.
Quickly remove any seeds of worry, for they will soon germinate, and keep out the weeds of despair. Nourish disappointments with hope whenever it is needed, and always stay cool and shaded when you feel irritated or heated.  Trim away guilt and depression, for they create decay, and cultivate with happy memories as often as everyday.  ~  

Remember to encourage someone today by sending a Note their way!  
And be sure to visit~ ABC Wednesday   

Monday, April 19, 2010

extra pages? who needs them

I'm sure if adding pages was worth it then it would be... however its not working for me.  I'm back to just bloggin' the way I'm used to doin' it.  And that will be fine.

I want to add a recipe I made with chicken, it turned out very well.  Yup.  I took pics too as I was making it... I'll share the recipe when I have more time.   Right now I've got to find something for lunch.   So hungry.   


123 testing

Blooming beauties

Feel Better SOON!!

To our friend~Get Well Soon!
We're thinking of you & praying too.
Big Hugs!

In Stitches....

My mother was for many years a seamstress, she's made everything from dresses, wedding dresses, outfits, dolls, doll clothes, blankets, quilts..the list is very long indeed.  
The years have flown doesn't do as much sewing if at all.   Now, being her daughter, you'd think I would be sewing too....maybe...well I don't.   I guess, learning to sew wasn't on my to do list, and when I was young there were more important things to do like play outside with friends, draw, or just watch the television.   And I thought if I did try to learn to sew, my mother may not have had much patience with me.   I can remember "learning" to sew in Home Ec class, our project was to make oval place mats.   I picked a green flowered material for the center and yellow for the edging, I thought it would look cute...I made 4, at the end of the week we could take our creations home..I was pleased with my attempt at sewing..and for a beginner I thought I did pretty good.  Well I presented the place mats to my mother... I asked if she would display them on the table.  Her response wasn't what I had in mind.. I could tell by the look on her face that she wasn't very pleased with me.   I don't recall her saying much.. I just remember that look.   Just her look alone...made me feel bad.   Well...can you guess what happened next?    She had taken each of the mats and changed the entire look of them!   Without asking me first.   Yep.  She did that.   You know, I find it strange that I would still remember such a strange thing.     

To this very day, I will sew just a little bit.  I will make things to suit me.  I will not try to impress others with what I can do or TRY to do.  If I want to make anything, I just try to do my best.   That's all I can do!   


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I got through the day without any cravings.   Tonight is a different story.  I am craving a soda pop... Pepsi... with crushed ice...oh yes that sounds good!   We had tea with dinner...sometimes tea doesn't work for those really bad cravings.

Oh dear--I have RLS in my left leg.  Got to move my leg...wiggle, move, stretch,...oooo...not having any success.    If you don't know about RLS its Restless Leg Syndrome.   Okay...the feeling has gone....thank the Lord!  

Okay....well...thats all folks....uh-oh not again....I'd better get up from this chair before I go nuts...the RLS is back!!!


Child's Play

Leaping Lizards!

Spring Overflow

Blossoms of Spring..overflows my flower bed.   Dainty flowers of pink & white.

 Hosta with a smallish purple bud at the top.   This was just planted over the weekend.

Large leafy leafs.  I love Hostas.

Corn-fused..therefore I observe

I've been more of an observer of many blogs than a writer of my own blog.. and it shows.    I feel like a kid in a candy shop-so many kinds of candy, 50,000 different flavors, just way too much to choose from!   I'm speaking of blogs and all the things like contests, free giveaways, memes (did I spell that right?) ... I feel like I'm trying to paddle around on a tiny raft way out in the ocean.  Blogs are like cities...and if you like to go blog-hopping I did the other day... I felt like I was lost.   So.....what to do?

My thoughts are just a jumble this afternoon...I feel flustered.   I'm not sure why.   Maybe its my age.  I'm gettin' up thar.   Some days it feels like it.   

The other day at work, I had my kids to play a puzzle game.  I thought it would be fun for them to go around to different tables to try and find the missing pieces.   And some thought it was an interesting student said she found it "positively nauseating".  Really.  Well.   Another student said, she liked it.   Okay, well we may not play it in the near future... but I will have them to work on other games.  Like math and spelling.   I think at times 8 year old's can be tough age to teach.   It seems they are just full of themselves.  Other times they are full of joy.  And expressions of humor.  

Speaking of work...I must get back to it...have a good day.   

Button, button, where's MY button?

I'm not really sure what's going I mentally button challenged?   Button blockage?  Button-Itis?    Maybe its a good thing not to answer myself.   I did it before without any hassle.  WHEN nobody seemed interested in my Amethyst Garden Blog.  It doesn't matter.   I'm not going to wonder or worry over a stupid button.   If you haven't found my blog yet...its not because you can't "grab my button" will be reasons like..."she never posts anything special"... or "she never gives anything away"...   I could I give away something.... but what?... my house?   Oh- that would give me tons of readers!   We won't go there.    I've been doing some thinking here lately... and if for some reason I don't get many followers..its because of the lack of words to read on my blog..that's got  to be it. its too early in the morning for such silly blabbing...I mean blogging.   If you don't want to read or follow I understand.   I mean, I may hang up this blogging business.   And for some it is a business.  Which is fine and dandy.  I even thought about that myself... oh well...

Monday, April 12, 2010



Everywhere I look, there's a tree bursting with colorful buds and flowers.  I just love Spring!  This weekend worked on getting the weeds under control.  And cut the grass.   Planted some flowers, I hope we won't see any more freezing weather.

Psalm 74:16-17

Thine is the day, O God,
thine also the night;
thou hast established the moon and the sun.

Thou hast fixed
all the boundaries of the earth;
thou hast made the summer
and winter.

We have a pair of sparrows that have decided to build their nest in one of our old birdhouses.  

Today the weather is just wonderful.  All week we're supposed to see lovely days.  Works for me.

Have a great day!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Stuffy Head

It's that pollen time of year when my head gets stuffy, runny nose...well, you get the picture.  I just loved seeing all the trees in full bloom down in the mid-south.  The flowers were you can see by the pics I posted... however...I tend to forget about the allergies that go with all the surrounding beauty.    Now that we are home, just a few days now...I've been so tired.   Can't seem to catch up on my sleep.   Doesn't take long and I'm zonked.   Didn't want you all to think I gave up on my blog...  no, just trying to catch up on my zzzzzzzzzzz.


The Old Mill

Just thought I would share some pictures from our latest trip to the South.
 Isn't this lovely? 
 Not sure what kind of flowers these are..but they are beautiful.


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