Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First One...

This was one of my first attempts at using the paint brush program and getting used to drawing with the mouse. ;)  

Wordless Wednesdays

I thought it might be nice to have an official "welcome to Spring" banner!   This was made by me several years ago.   I don't have a clue what site it was for... doesn't matter. ;) 

Lets see what other things I can find......

Oh Yes, here's another one.   One thing I've learned in making a mouse-drawn subject... it takes breath control and lots of patience.   Can you tell I have a love for birds?  ;)

This one was specifically made for Christmas cards.

Be Blessed everyone!  God loves you and so do I. 
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And have a great Wednesday! ~Mary~

Making a Terrarium

I have decided it would be fun to make a terrarium.  I will be starting with a fairly large fish (empty) tank, its been cleaned out of all the micro-squiggly things found in aquariums.   The tank itself is 30 gallons… so I’ve got to decide (make a list) of plants to grow in this tank.   I don’t like to start projects blindly…so a little research will go into finding just the right plants. 

Did you know you can actually order plants via

SEEDS  can be purchased…  I thought this was most unusual.  The only items I’ve ordered from are DVD’s.  I’m sure there are more things offered through this company… more than meets the eye! Winking smile

I will be posting pictures of my adventures of making this otherwise ugh-ly tank into something beautiful… hopefully! Smile

Stay tuned for updates. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Prayer for my brother

My brother fell and cut his ear open.   We are praying that God will heal him quickly. ~Mary

Psalm 37:4

Whoa, There!

 A man bought a horse from a minister, who said it was a good horse but would go only when you said, "Praise the Lord" and stop only when you said,  "Amen".
  The man got on the horse and said, "Praise the Lord".   The horse took off at a gallop.
The horse headed out into the countryside, and before long the man noticed he was headed for a cliff.  In a panic, the man started yelling, "Whoa! Stop! Whoa! Whoa!" But the horse kept running.  
Finally the man remembered what the minister told him and yelled  "Amen!"   The horse skidded to a stop right at the edge of the cliff.

The man wiped his arm across his brow and sighed with relief, "Praise the Lord!"

written by Carole Smith

Reminisce 1994

Does anyone remember the magazine Reminisce?   My mother gave me copies she had saved throughout the years.   I was looking over some of the issues when I ran across some interesting little  Back when kids signed autograph books at the end of the school year, they used clever ways of saying how long they planned to be your friend.

Yours till Sitting Bull stands up.
Yours till Niagara Falls.
Yours till the kitchen sinks.
Yours till the calf in your leg eats the corn on your toe.
Yours till Germany gets Hungary, fries Turkey in Greece and eats it on China, then Russias off to work.

These are clever.    

Psalm 37:4

Olive Oil Soap

I did a little research on the benefits of Olive Oil.   Just recently I purchased some handmade soap from Debbie's Handmade Soaps
in Georgia Peach; Strawberry-Kiwi.   The ingredients are natural including olive oil which makes the skin supple and smooth to the touch.  I absolutely love the Georgia Peach!   Using this olive oil based soap has really helped my sensitive skin feel much better.   I encourage you to check out Debbie's website, she offers a wide variety of handmade soaps.

Benefits of Olive Oil:  Use it to remove makeup on a nightly bases, will also aid in getting rid of crows feet around the eyes.    

Its healthy fats benefit hair and nails, lips.   

To find out more about the healthy benefits of herbs go to Healing Herbs

Psalm 37:4

Sunday, April 3, 2011

once upon a bathroom...

...once upon a time~ a very nice couple lived in a tower apartment, on the third floor, in Japan.   Every morning the husband got ready for work in a most usual way...brushing his teeth, shaving his face and making sure every hair was in place.    Everyday he did this routine and had it down pat....until one day.....  a (toot) changed all of that.    The rumbly-bumbly-bubbly sound come from the forth floor on down.    How terrible, how rude.... the forth floor man had a toot-ta-tude.  Didn't he know- didn't he care if anyone was listening out there?   He should have known the walls and floors were quite thin.... anyone could hear when someone broke wind!   

Once upon a dress....

The nice woman was stirring her dish, when a lady downstairs....had called in distress~" Could you help me? I'm stuck in my dress!"   The nice woman knew this gal... but thought this request was rather strange.....How does one get stuck in a dress?  Then she explained...   "Well, I wanted to see if it would fit, and it zipped but now my hair is caught in the zipper!"    The nice woman turned off her stove and hurried down two flights of stairs....only to find the gal had gotten herself loose.   The nice woman said with a gasp..."Well I'm glad your free".   ...Then she explained to me..."I was never in a bind....I just wanted to see if you would come down and stay with my little boy."   The nice woman should have known this gal better...for her word wasn't always true.     Maybe another time....for it was too close to dinner.     The gal thought it was funny and gave a big laugh....she held her belly and laughed some more.  

The moral of this story?   Make sure its a true emergency before running down 2 flights of stairs!     Better yet...just ignore the silly woman.  



Psalm 37:4

Aunt Teaks & Uncle Junks

A beautiful day lead to a beautiful drive out in the countryside and to area antique stores.  

eco phone pics 2011 095

eco phone pics 2011 097

eco phone pics 2011 098

eco phone pics 2011 092


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