Tuesday, March 2, 2010

button frustration & more frustration.....

I have a button that I've made however, when I try to copy and insert my info it doesn't appear correctly on my blog.  This is frustrating.   I may try it again here in a minute.  ugh.

ok. This is what I'm wanting to know...in photobucket, which "link" do I use to get my button to show up on my blog...thats the main thing I'm having trouble with...why...I'm not sure...maybe...its because I woke up 3 times last night...one to change into my pj's cause I fell asleep on the couch in my clothes, up again to eat a snack, up again cause I thought I over slept.   There...I'm just not thinkin' straight...or something....hep!   

So...anyone have any suggestions out there...let me know....my button is all nice and pretty just waiting for its debut.   

Getting ready to eat lunch.   :)

*BTW*  Thank you for all your kind comments!  Gosh, its nice that Mrs. 4444 has featured me, my blog, and I ... thanks so much...one of these days very soon I've got to get to out into the blogosphere and visit!  



Caution Flag said...

I have button frustration, too!! How is it that there are buttons all over the place but mine just show up as code?!

I'm here via Mrs. 4444. I'm glad she linked to you today.

Mary said...

Thanks for your comment, Caution Flag.., LOL...my brain is not working today for some reason.. ugh. So glad you came for a visit! :) Mary

Prairiemaid said...

Mary, I will try to help you tomorrow when I have a little more time (hopefully). I am sorry you are having problems.

BTW, your manner looks nice!


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