Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best Background's in Town

Thank you~ Caution Flag for listing the best source for background layouts.  A note to my readers~or for anyone looking for something unique for blogs, march yourself down to:

to find the best deal around in background.   Don't end up wasting half of your day searching the internet for all things "free"...holy-cow... I've been sitting here so long my buns have conformed to the contour of the chair..and that's no lie. ;O) In my wandering search I did find something that suits me to a tee.. Daisy Gray Design's actually had what I was looking for..look to the right of this page and you'll find a link to her site as well.

 A quick glance at the time..tells me it's way past my bath time and very close to bed time.  

Have a blessed Monday!   ~Mary~


Caution Flag said...

Not only do you have the best backgrounds, but your directions made sense and worked - and that never happens for me !

Prairiemaid said...

Mary, I added your button, but the picture *button* does not show up on my blog. In place of the picture, I get three letters....SB? can't remember for sure what they were and I don't have my blog open right now. The link works though.

You might want to recheck it. If you don't see anything wrong, I will try again; however, I checked and I don't think I left anything out.

Duh the letters were probably SBM...go figure! I can be pretty dense. LOL


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