Friday, August 12, 2011

NH Supplies for your crafting needs

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

lost and found

One of things I find most frustrating is not being able to find things like my camera charger. Especially when I need it.

I hunted all over the place trying to locate the darn thing.... only to realize its in the car!!   I'm wanting to list some things to sell online.

Hope to sell a collection of rubber stamps; brass templates; and a few rubber stamps purchased in Japan.  

Over the weekend, we visited open houses.    We aren't looking to sell our house any time soon.

I fell in love with a house that over looked a river.   It was absolutely beautiful.   

Each room was graced with lovely antiques.   And built in book shelves.  Which looked very nice.      

The stairs were steep, which made me wonder how in the world do they get their furniture up there... I mean without falling.    That's the only thing I would not care for...  plus the house looked as if it had movement at some time.   Cracks in the walls, settling I suppose.

Maybe the reason I really fell in love...was the decoration on the walls... style.    I don't have many pictures on my walls.  I did have at one time.    Like my mother wonders why I don't have  one of my dad.     My excuse?   He's not around anymore.  He was killed in an automobile accident in 1997.   And at times, I still feel somewhat uncomfortable to have his picture staring at me.   .... And I'll admit.... when I recall a memory.... my eyes puddle up.   The pain of that tragic event... has left.    I want to remember only the good times.   ....   I'm just not comfortable to have a picture displayed.  

My husbands' paintings are hung in our office.   We spend a great deal of time on the computer.   And with the hot, unbearable days.... I find myself absorbed in watching shows on television.   I would rather be outside... gathering and pulling weeds that have choked plants.  Or riding our bikes.   But who can stand this heat!   I certainly cannot. "(



Saturday, July 23, 2011

Focusing on Things Above

bring into focus..

just a little time before I go back to work. I want to say something about focus. we can either focus on the world around us, focus on something that makes us feel uneasy...or we can turn our focus to God.

something I wrote back in 2009.   

This is so true.   We can focus all our energy and time on what's happening with Gas Prices; Droughts; Our Bank Accounts; whatever your mind takes you throughout the day.   

OR   We can adjust our focus on things above.   Whatever  is True,  Beautiful, .... putting our Trust in the Father of Heaven.   Trusting that God will see us through no matter what.   No matter what our bank account says;  No matter what depressing news we hear  whether it be on television or radio.

Let us place our Focus on Jesus.   After all He already knows what we need.   

Blessings on your day~  Mary 

Friday Blog Hop

A Mommy's Sweet Blog Design Friday Blog Hop

I would like to welcome my new followers!   I sure appreciate your kind comments, and for the invitation to join in the Friday Blog Hop.   As you can see I did.  A little late mind you, but I'm still here. ;)    Thank you!!

Our day was turned in a different direction... we came to the aid of my aunt & uncle during a family emergency.   He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.   Thank God, it wasn't anything serious to keep him in the hospital over night.   He was able to come home.   Anyway, I'm glad we were home when this all took place.  

Is the weather horribly hot where you live?   We haven't had any rain in so long a time that the ground is breaking up.    There was a short shower over on the other side of town, but a lot of good it did for us...  we didn't see or feel one drop!   I'm glad someone saw and enjoyed the shower.   The heat nearly knocks us over, the temps are hovering around in the high 90's and possibly triple digits.    

The other evening, I was standing in the kitchen doing something at the sink when I felt a wet spot on the rug.   I thought it probably came from the dogs mouth as she sometimes drips water after lapping up a big drink from her bowl.   But then I bent down to feel the rug....yup, it was wet alright.  Only the entire end of the rug was drenched!!   I started to freak out, thought the water pipe had burst or the drain had leaked....I didn't know what had gone wrong.   Called hubby at work, to say the pipe probably leaked out....then he said...if it were that the bottom cabinet would be soaked too-- I felt around, okay so it was dry....but where was the water coming from?!?   Upon opening the other cabinet door that's where I found a huge puddle!   A while back, my husband thought it would be good to store water in clean milk jugs for whenever we needed water.   Well!  One of the jugs was almost empty!!    I grabbed out most of the jugs and dumped the water unto my parched plants.   I was mad of course, but thankful for the fact it wasn't the pipes.   The mess was cleaned up...however it kinda ruined some of the floor.   Yuk.   It really can't be seen.. so that's good.  

It's getting rather late so I'll be going.   For those of us having to endure this HEAT....take it easy!  Don't forget to check on your animals.   :o)   

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a word about body splashes

This has nothing to do with buying body splashes, this about formulating your own from scratch.   

a word on body splashes
work in a ventilated area when using essential oils or fragrance oils of any kind.  One can be overcome with fumes from these oils.   I have experienced this myself.  On top of it all - I have asthma too, so before I knew it... I was coughing and gagging... then quickly moving to the great out of doors for a breath of fresh air!!    

Also wearing a mask (paper or cloth) can be beneficial.  

When working with oils of any kind (especially essential oils) always wear disposable gloves, as this protects your hands from any burns or reactions to the oils you might have, its best to be cautious.   

When picking fragrances.   Consider what you like to wear most.   Are you floral or fruity?    Woodsy or oriental?     

In the summertime I prefer wearing a body splash as it not only cools my skin, but it's refreshing too.    The ones I have bought in the stores, may list their ingredients as natural, but many of the ingredients are hard to pronounce let alone read.   In my opinion everything we wear to what we eat should always be natural... why eat or wear something that may make us sick?   Should we only buy something because everyone else has this same product...and if it works for them it should do the same for me?     

I don't think so.  Especially since I found out that I have sensitivity with my skin and my face.   The products I see advertised on television may promise radiant skin.   But for me it produced blotchy cr*p.    Soap (commercial based) has become an enemy for my skin, too.   This is why I have turned to wearing natural based products.   Whether I make them for myself or I purchase them.   They had better be natural.  

Here's something I would have never imagined using.  Vodka!   I'm not a drinker - casual or otherwise... so why would I have it in the house or consider buying it??    ;)

Simply because it's an ingredient to use with distilled water to make a homemade version of body splash.   Amazing huh?!?   I thought so too.   Vodka (high-quality, 100 proof) is best for recipes that call for  alcohol (rubbing alcohol).   I hope this makes sense! :O)    Rubbing alcohol has an offensive odor and it evaporates a bit too quickly.    

Have you ever purchase a body splash or cologne... that smells of rubbing alcohol?   After spraying it on your wrist ...its really hard to tell the scent cause all you smell is the alcohol.

Of course you wouldn't want to ingest the vodka once its all mixed together to produce your body splash.  Or would you.   *giggle*  

And when using a recipe, follow it the final product is nice to use.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Refreshing Peppermint Foot Spray

I will tell you after such a terrible hot day... it nice to treat those hard working feet to a refresh of peppermint!  Here's the recipe to make it yourself. ;)

1/2 Cup of witch hazel
12 drops of peppermint essential oil

Combine the ingredients and put the mixture in a decorative spray bottle, or even a misting spray bottle.   Make sure to label it with instructions to shake before use.

Shelf life is 6-8 months.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Boost my Blog Friday


                                                                                          Pumping up the boosting power of Boost My Blog Friday!

Psalm 37:4

Here's Dollie!

Getting crazy over a bunny!



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