Monday, November 22, 2010

...and it started with the closet

Hi!  This weekend was all about getting decorations out of the closet, and begin to decorate the mantle, string lights outside, and even do some painting.  Before we could paint we had to have a project.  The built in shelf in the living room could do with some sprucing hubby knocked out an upper was too high for me to reach so therefore it hardly got dusted, then we had to decide on a paint color, sand fossil.  It wasn't a hard choice as we already had it in our possession, it was a color we trimmed the office, along with painting the walls a sage green.   Hubby then used the hammer and other tools to knock out the shelf...being extremely careful not to knock out the wall behind it..the shelf came out with no problem!   I painted long into the night on Saturday, well, the project wasn't started until after 8 pm...we weren't in any hurry. ;)   Then hubby, gave the whole thing a second and third coat on Sunday.   Just painting the inside shelves, the outside also needs to be freshened up with a new coat of paint, however, that will come when we decide on a new wall color.  And to think this all started just by opening the closet....I wonder what other treasures will find upon opening boxes.  There is a mystery there I'm sure. 

Psalm 37:4

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still waiting...giveaway

Still waiting on Miz. Caution Flag to report in.

I'm in the process of making the Holiday Treat Giveaway...and they sure do smell wonderful!  

I might consider doing another Giveaway just before the holidays, do I have anyone interested??  
Let me know by leaving a comment!!  Did I say how much I love your comments??

Psalm 37:4

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our winners are.....

Mrs. 4444's  and  Caution Flag!!
I picked 2 because only 2 decided to join in this blog on the look out I might decide to do another giveaway!

Congrats to our winners!!   

Psalm 37:4

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Welcome new followers!

A big Holiday Welcome to all my new followers!!  :O)  The Homesteading Apartment; Empty Nester; Lets Make a Difference.   
Glad you are here. ;)

Psalm 37:4

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wednesday the 10th

I'm getting a head start on here are some pics.


Psalm 37:4

C'mon ova! JOIN the FUN!!!

Just making another announcement..for the blog giveaway...happening right here.  I'm offering 1 dozen tealights (mixed variety), foot butter, and an 8 ounce smelly jelly... this is a real treat...I hope you won't miss out!   Please join in the fun.  Become a follower if you haven't already done so...leave a comment saying which scent you'd prefer...Christmas scent, Kitchen scent, dessert, fruit, spices.    C'mon far only 2 ladies have joined the fun...lets make it more challenging!  :O)   Winners will be announced on November 17th!

Psalm 37:4

Shabby Chic

I love my new found space.  I love the fact that I have more drawers, and enough room on top for things the microwave. ;)
 I haven't decided what to add to the wall over the microwave, maybe hang baskets.  Or a wreath. 

Psalm 37:4

Monday, November 8, 2010

not too shabby....

Hello!   This time change is for the birds in my opinion.  I got up this morning thinking I had over slept but I hadn't.   Yesterday was a crazy day.  We did manage to go to one open house we like doing this on Sunday's.   It was a new condo, very spacious, hardwood floor in the kitchen, new berber carpet in the living room and throughout.   Generally, I'm not a big berber fan as we have some cheaper stuff in our house, it wasn't our choosing it was here when we bought the place.  I've had one person tell me they liked it...well, they can claim it...I will gladly take some new stuff!
Anyway, after coming home we said lets do something to make our kitchen a lot more usable, so we traded dressers, both are nothing fancy mind was in our living room holding a bunch of junk, so we weeded through the junk some will go to GW. Some stuff will go home to their rightful owners. LOL   So we moved the smaller dresser from our bedroom to the kitchen, fitting it just right up to the fridge, I was able to fill it with things that would never seem to fit right in our present kitchen drawers.  We have 2 old rickety drawers that will rub sawdust into the next drawer below it, not a great feature to have when storing mixers, hand blenders...just small appliances.   Now the top of the dresser has the microwave, cookie jar, utensil-go-round, and my knife set.   All within reach, when needed cooking at the stove.   I am just thrilled with how it turned out!   So today, I've been doing some cleaning around the kitchen, putting away things that have set out most of the year.  I never wanted my home to look all the other places we've lived I could keep it looking nice and clean cause I had way more places to store was great.  But those days are far behind...and you make do with what you have.  I will add tho~this dresser is actually saving us about 300 bucks...we've looked around at all kinds of kitchen storage items and I know none of those would hold as much as this dresser adds a kind of shabby design too!

Psalm 37:4

Friday, November 5, 2010

Just as I thought

I ended having a dream (after going to bed around 6:30 or so this morning)... the cast of characters were taken from people I wrote about in my journals.  heh heh ;)   I told you didn't I.

This dream was so crazy the only part I remember was:  I was in the military.  I had lots of friends.  And some how or another they were trying to sell me on some cosmetics, hair care, etc... one gal kept bugging to purchase an amazing hair brush...not only could you brush your hair, but it also worked as a make-up applicator!  LOL...  There was also a big huge indoor pool in this dream, the kind that is under the floor...the bad thing was the floor opened up and people were falling in...not good considering there were older women in dresses, hats, name it...all had fallen in without even a scream.   Acting as if they enjoyed every minute.   I told you it was a crazy dream.   
After that I woke up.... 

And since I've been up.... I called a friend.  Then another call came in....  I really need to get busy around here....its Friday... and why oh why am I not motivated....who knows.

Nice to see a new follower!   Thanks for joining.  :O)

Hugs, Mary   

Some favorite stores, hangouts,

Believe it or not I'm still up...and reading more of my journal.  I got to thinking about the stores that we loved going to...(I'm going from memory)... Crafts Frames and Things; The Mole Hole; Tin Originals; West Wood Shopping center; West Wood Christian Book Store; Kirklands; Windsor Mall; Cross Creek Mall; Roses; Sky City; Food Lion; Krogers; Tally Wood Shopping Center; and that's all I can think of...its kinda funny why I would remember so many places..but after all we lived at Pope AFB-near Fort Bragg for 9 years!   If you ask me that's a long time for anyone to be stationed in one place. ;)   There's one road (name of road) that sticks in my head..Yadkin Road.   There must have been someone we knew that either lived near there, or a store we used to mind is working over time.  Hah 

I'll probably have some interesting dreams centered around all of this...places, and people we used to know.   I always thought it would be fun to run across these folks in the future...who knows, with the internet these days....the world some how seems a wee bit smaller...with every single person out there with some sort of, some other sort of place for peeps to hang out.   I can remember when, *way back when* pen pals were the fad.  By the time I was 20 years old, I was writing to 21 pals from Kuwait (before any wars), to Germany, to Barbados, to Jordan, to so and so on!   I thought my mother would go crazy!  Me writing almost every week to these folks, well really teenagers, and some my age...writing was my way of staying in touch, my bedroom was my place to *hang out* to curl up with note paper and pen...jotting down thoughts...and almost anything that came to mind.   My clothes closet was filled with shoe boxes of every letter and picture saved.  You don't know how many times I would hear those famous words..."You need to go through all those letters and toss them!"  these words lingered over head....yet, I found some nook and cranny to stick more letters, behind books, between journals...just some place they wouldn't be found.  Mom didn't like that I was becoming the worlds worst pack rat...*but a good kind of rat!* LOL...   well... I must say... the clock keeps on ticking...and I must get some sleep before the dawning of a new day...don't forget to set your clocks this Sunday... have a good weekend... bye!  

Times Past...1989

I was just going through an old journal from days gone by.  Came across an entry from December 1989.  Hubby and I were stationed in North Carolina at the time... I woke up to our first winter day..with snow and ice covering the ground.   Hubby was away in England and I was alone in our mobile home... I was busy getting ready for friends to come by to pick me up to help out with the Salvation Army to serve Christmas dinner. I had helped before in the kitchen of the Salvation Army to serve in what was called Love Lunches...but serving for the crowd that would be coming for dinner had made me a little bit more nervous, I think it was because I didn't know how many would be gathered there...several other people from surrounding churches had come to help to put foods together and cook...the place was busy..we had a lot to was a grand time of fellowship.  After the food was prepared we stood with utensils in hand to serve our guests...I manned the sweet potato station...many people came through the line that afternoon...I was happy to serve each and everyone with a happy heart and a smile.   Later that afternoon I went home with my friends for dinner and more fellowship as we gathered around the table.  The food was plenty and it was quite tasty.   We celebrated Christmas with a cake and singing.  All had a grand time.    As time went on...of course we moved to other places like Japan and then to Arkansas...but the times we spent in fellowship with our friends we had known and loved would always be remembered.  This Christmas time, will be spent as always with my husband and I gathered 'round the tree exchanging gifts for one another...and remembering our friends.  :)

Thankful Challenge November 5th 2010

The picture for the Thankful Challenge would not come up for me in this I'm sorry for that..however, I did want to say what I'm thankful for... 
Here's what happened...yesterday morning as my husband was on his way into the building of where he works, the time was 6:30AM so its still a little dark , he saw a truck coming towards him, he thought at first it was a co-worker playing a prank on if to say "I'm gonna run over you".. hubby thought the person would then just go around him, however this did not happen..all of the sudden as he was still walking he was hit!   He said, the side mirror has bumped his elbow pretty hard....thankfully it wasn't too hard to break any bones.  When he first called to tell me of the accident I was rather angry...and who wouldn't be?!?!  For the majority of the afternoon I stayed upset.  Then later, when we got together for prayer time..I had to decide right then and there if I was going to keep the anger....or let it go.   Letting it go was the best medicine...we prayed for the person who had driven so recklessly...and decided to forgive.   So there you go~I start my Friday, in a most Thankful way~praising the Father in Heaven for keeping my husband safe.   Thanking God for the power of forgiveness.  It will truly set the captive free.

Follow Friday 40 and Over!

 I hope I got this right! 

I will try my best to go visit others, as you come visit me..or follow...otherwise, I may not be able to find you.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

11 more days....

Before I announce the winner of the contest... just a teeny reminder! :)  

Psalm 37:4


Have you ever noticed how the seasons pass by so quickly?  This isn't the first time I've taken notice of this...but really, Thanksgiving gets buried under all the wrappings and trimmings of Christmas.   The stores are a myriad of glittery lights, trees, bobbles, snowmen, santas, bells, candy, glitter...etc...this list could go on forever and ever... its easy to get all wrapped up in the lists of what everyone wants...but lets not forget the Real reason for Christmas.  Its all about Christ...His love for us.   When we focus on the true meaning...then all these things will fall into place. 
Psalm 37:4

I am Thankful......

I'm behind..ooops! 4... in this giving Thanks challenge...well...lets see....I am thankful for how the Lord works with helping me make decisions.  Like for the past few days I had been wanting to expand my line of business...however, on closer look I don't think its God's timing for me to get into another field of products.   I will have to wait, patiently.
I am Thankful...for how the Lord watches over our household.. 
I am trusting in the Lord, in all things. :) 

Psalm 37:4

I just finished making candles....

I just finished making some candles in a red hot cinnamon, they sure smell good!!    I encourage you to enter the giveaway...sure would love for you to join!  :)    

I am also getting ready for a Christmas craft fair coming up in December.  I'm looking forward to showing all that I have, from candles to foot butter, to milk bath...etc...

Just looking around on the internet, for Tear Bears....have you all heard about these little treasures?   I call them treasures cause they are so cute!    Here are the instructions I found online... I plan on making these sometime.   

How to make Tear Bears

The instructions look fairly easy to follow.. 
and if you want to save more money I suggest gathering your materials like Mulberry paper online...Ebay is a good place to look!   That's where I bought mine.   And for a good price too.  Its a lot better than spending a bunch of money at a craft store.

Well that's all for now folks.

Psalm 37:4


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