Thursday, March 24, 2011

Window with a view

view out front bedroom I totally wanted to participate in Wordless Wednesday.   Warm windy breezes carried me outdoors yesterday.   So pretty…. I just had to be a part of digging around the flower beds, pulling up dry grasses, cutting back old dead flower stalks.   It was a day well spent.   By nightfall strong thunderstorms rumbled overhead, with frequent lightening and heavy downpours!!   My Spring time thoughts were dashed when the weatherman said….Snow by Saturday.  WHAT?!!  This can’t be true!!!!!   Alas…. it might be Spring on the calendar~ but winter is hanging on.  Drats.     The photo above is a reminder to me and to you, that warmer weather is around the corner…. lets hang on just a little longer!  

Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome new followers!

I am pleased to meet you!   I will be coming over to visit your sites soon. :)

Psalm 37:4

For Japan,

Please know that you all are in our hearts.   We are praying for everyone.

I am sadden to watch the images of devastation.... it all seems unreal.    
God is with you.   He really is....  

We love you.  


Psalm 37:4

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Friday fragments, March 11th.

Thank you Mrs. 4444's for hosting this wonderful friday fragments!    I do have a few things to post about this past week.      Friday Fragments   <---Go here to check out more Friday Fragments.

For one, I am way surprised to find out how much I've lost due to working out on our elliptical.   A friend of mine said, "when you first start working out you'll notice the weight will just melt away!"   At first I wasn't sure how true that statement was, but after just a week or so I've noticed a big change.  Its awesome!  ;)

I thought this snow globe was very cute!  If you would like to check out this site for yourself go to:    

Here's another one that I wanted to share with you.   

Spring will be officially here March 21st, however I wonder if that is true or not?!    I guess we'll have to wait and see.  ;)

Its hard to share a desk area with my hubby as he loves to listen to shortwave.  It's especially annoying when I'm trying to be on the computer.  

Anyway~ have a great weekend.  Spring forward this Sunday!

Psalm 37:4

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Easter.  What exactly is Easter?   I remember Easter as a time when I was a kid, much like Christmas only more candy.   A basket, mostly filled with plastic colored grass, with colorful dyed eggs, plastic eggs filled with jelly beans or some little treat.   In the center was a big box containing one large chocolate rabbit.  And this is what I remember the most.  Of course, church.  Yes, all the dress-up dresses, pretty tights, white or black shoes.  Don't forget the hat... I remember wearing this as well.   

I remember, sitting still as this was the proper thing to do..  I was not a loud child, nor did I bother anyone around me.   I would sit (almost) motionless as mother whispered in my ear.  Every now and then turning my head just briefly to look at the filtered light shining through the stained glass window.    It was almost magical to take in the beauty of the light, and the spicy aroma that filled the air...I imagined God hovering over us, as the minister spoke.   As much as I tried to take it all was just too much for my young mind to understand.   After wards, I was happy to clasp my mommy's hand and walk into the bright Sunday sunshine.   My heart was filled with glee knowing I could eat more of the chocolate bunny, after dinner.    Mom always made the best dinners.   Sometimes she would have a beef roast simmering on the stove, on low, while we had gone to church.   The heavenly aroma of beef, potatoes and carrots would raft through the door as we walked in.    I would happily bounce down the hallway to my room to get the shoes, tights and all the dress-up off and thrown upon the bed.   Mom would come into my room about the time to see me wad up my clothes.   She recoiled in horror- I knew she wasn't at all happy with me...even when I tried to say..."I was going to hang them up, but you came in too soon!"  Her busy hands were quick to fold and put away until another day.   I was relieved that I didn't get in trouble.    Just before dinner was served, a knock at the was my aunt and uncle... they always came to dinner on special they didn't have children or grandchildren in which to visit.   I was especially happy to see them come, as they would bring a small wrapped gift just for me.   I busied my myself by bringing in my latest doll I had gotten for Christmas... their eyes lit up as I explained that my doll came with extra dresses, she could even drink from a pretend milk filled bottle.   About the time I was getting drowsy from all the excitement it was time to eat.   I could fill my head getting assured me, if I could just eat a little more, I could get up on the couch for a nap.   Funny thing is...I don't remember getting down from the chair or even climbing upon the couch!   I must have been very sleepy.   

This is just a short story of how I remembered Easter at our house.

As I got older, I realized there was more to Easter than just a pretty basket filled with goodies.  More than cute little stuffed bunnies.   It was and is about Jesus.   Its all about Him.   How he suffered and died upon the cross to pay our debt.  He rose from the dead to give us all new life.  He did this just for me.   And Jesus has done this for you!

'May we never forget the price He paid for our debt.
   Because He Loved we live.
      Because of our sins He died.'
                             written by Mary/1990

Psalm 37:4

What's in Your Garden?

Have you thought about what you'll be planting in the Spring?   Veggies, Flowers?  Both?
How 'bout container gardens?  

We have a patch of earth where we've grown veggies for the past few years.   Not sure if this site will be safe to use this year, as our neighbor kinda went hay-wire on killing much so--that the "burnt-look" has crept into our yard.   Not a pretty site.  Part yellow part green.  

Until we decide where the garden will be.... we've been busy planning what to grow!  
Sweet Onions; Kentucky Wonder Beans; Cucumbers; Lettuce; and I'm thinking it would be nice to have a strawberry patch too.    Dill; and other herbs... haven't quite decided.  

Can't forget flowers!   Collecting seeds.   

So far this early morning....I've heard the chirping of a robin, sparrow, and  cardinal...ah~the sounds of coming Spring!     Wake up Merry Sunshine.  :)

Psalm 37:4

for the health of it :)

What is better than a box of chocolates on Valentines Day?    An exercise machine!   We gave ourselves the gift of health...instead of "death by chocolate".  ;)    An Elliptical is a wonderful way to ease into shape.    It works your upper arm area, the tummy, and legs...a full body work out~for sure!    I've lost at least 3 inches or more around my waist!!  No joke.    The benefits; I feel better, can actually fit into some clothes that were once headed for Goodwill.    Amazing what exercise can do.  :)    

I'm limiting sweets, carbs, cholesterol.    Drinking more water.   We like filtered water the best; less waste of throwing away plastic.   I actually add water to fizzy drinks...there's a reason... I can't handle too much acid.   Something to do with having an ulcer.    Chocolate is a big no-no.    Well....I will allow myself to have a little after all its hard to quit.    Caffeine is non-existent in my daily life.    So, it does take me a little longer to get started in the mornings.  ;)  But I seem to manage.  

Plus--exercise really does help to reduce stress!  Really.   And it beats having to pay a membership to a gym.   That part alone sold me. ;)      

I'm trying little by little to "jump-start" this blog.   I hope you all like the changes I've made.     

Psalm 37:4

think before ......

you copy.    

see the cute little blue bird happily perched at the top of the page?   this little eastern blue bird took 5 hours to draw.... using the mouse.    the poem beside it is one of mine, too.   think about it~don't copy.   

Psalm 37:4
Spring is coming soon.... as the calendar promises.   
Winter will hang on for a few weeks.   Wednesday thunderstorms  then change over to snow.... the battle drags on.    Waiting to see which season wins.    Spring, I hope. ;)  

Psalm 37:4

Jesus Loves You!

He loves you now, he loved you then, please don't wait to let Him in;
He will take away all your burdens and shame, and wipe away the tears and pain.
And lift you up in His Loving arms.
For long ago, He shed His blood, to cover the sins for you and me.

So don't wait~'cause He's coming back for those who love Him.

Psalm 37:4


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