Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Doesn't it look like the bee is doing the splits?
This butter fly was visiting my neighbor's flowers, I couldn't pass up the beauty!

Psalm 37:4

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just before it buzzed away!

Psalm 37:4

Ramble Jamble

I've had mixed thoughts.... on working in the Fall.   Our little neighborhood school closed its doors to never re-open again.   My regular work consists of me working with children from kindergarten, through 5th grade.  I help motivate children in math, science, and creativity in art. I have helped children with reading, by creating games.  The more I worked with the children the more it fed my imagination to create more games to help them learn basic skills.  When I first got into this job, it was more to me than just a paycheck.   I had lots of joy.  As the years progressed, the joy became more of a burden... a burden to make sure I kept earning enough money to pay on my vehicle every month, of course, I didn't just spend it on this...but I bought groceries or got something I wanted or needed.   But, with the closing of some schools, meant also the loss of many teaching positions.  Out of 12, 9 were let go.   I wasn't one.  My job isn't funded through the schools.  Because of this, and with all the budget cuts (throughout the land), I may have to consider either taking on a substitute position...or withdraw  completely.   Which I have considered.    To take on a position to sub would mean fewer days.   With all this on my mind, it doesn't make it any easier to say good-bye to all the parents and children I have known these past years.   I do also have to consider my health issues.  I've had many doctors tell me to stay away from STRESS.   There are different forms of stress, there's a good kind of stress that motivates a person to get out of bed in the mornings, then there is a bad form of stress that can cause all kinds of being ulcers.   I have an ulcer.  I have cut-down on eating tomatoes and pizza (which I crave at times).   Any job can be stressful that's for sure.  And just because I want or should I say, NEED to take time off...don't worry I won't become a recluse.  I will still create and be creative through my candle business.   I have also thought about teaching myself how to paint with water colors.  So, I do have some things to keep myself busy.  I've been wanting to get back into drawing too.  I think I rely too much on the use of my camera.  But, that can be good-- as it helps me to think about creating cards & notes.  

I might even do a GIVE-AWAY sometime in the future.   I've been thinking about this for a long while.  I've just got to decide what to give away!!    Unfortunately, time is running out...and I must get my buns to is in the morning.   Okay dear folks, I will see you another time!  

Psalm 37:4


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