Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Good Morning!  Yes, I'm eating Mulitgrain Cheerios.  You might be asking yourself where's the milk? I barely can stand drinking milk much less pouring very much on my cereal.  Even tho I usually rise very early on weekday mornings for work, I usually don't eat a regular kind of breakfast..I love to eat leftovers!  Like pizza, meatloaf, chicken,..its on rare occasions when I have cereal.  I have to have protein in the mornings to even function throughout my day...otherwise I get a listless feeling.  Since I work with children- I have to keep my energy levels going.  
I didn't think I felt like posting. Sometimes I would rather chat with someone on the phone, rather than plunking on my computer keys..but if I really think about it I am talking...not to myself, no, to you. Well now, that is just like chatting on the phone..but doesn't really cost as much.  Plus..I'm not put on hold every time I'm about to get to the "good stuff"...or "hey Mary, could you hang on while I go to the bathroom"--or worse actually go to the bathroom! Aaaccckkkk.  Of course, I wouldn't want you the "listen-eee" to have to stuggle to hold your pee,.. especially if you're about to POP!   Please then, excuse me back if you wish...its far better than to hear the sounds of flush (swish-swish).***    As I look beyond my window pane..I see lots of sunshine. Welcome the sunny days of Spring!   Have a good day...its time to play!

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