Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aren't we silly.. don't answer that!  Hubby doesn't know I posted this..shhhh don't tell.

Psalm 37:4
Hello Again!  Thought I would blog at my kitchen table this evening.. this is a new place to I have a new notebook computer.  I'm so happy :)   I didn't think I would ever get one.  Some are still rather expensive..but thankfully this one was on it was actually another one I was looking at that was on sale..however, since they got the tags mixed up they sold me the more expensive one and still got a grand deal.  :)  Plus this one has the built in web cam which I was wanting.  

Of course, y' know I can't do anything without my cat coming along too.  As far as he is concerned anything on the table is his he thinks.  Like when hubby has pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast our cat will sit across from him and silently beg.  He knows he'll get any leftovers..he loves every bit of what he gets.  Our cat loves to eat scrambled eggs, bacon, the cake part of the donut, cheetos, cheese.. he would eat some pizza (when) we gave him a bite.  However, since I've had to cut back on eating certain types of foods (like pizza & tomatoes)..we don't offer it to the cat.  

Since I've been watching what I put into my mouth, I've been feeling so much better!  I haven't really lost a mega amount of weight..but that's alright I wasn't expecting to anyway..I'm just happy that I don't wake during the night with stomach upset and pain...that was the absolute worst.  If you've ever had to deal with pain before...then you know what I mean.  At times the pain was so so bad I wanted to die..or "pop" myself with a big ol' pin!! 

I will try to be on here a little bit more often.. the other computer kept bogging down..this doesn't make me wanna update my blog when that happened.   

 The veggie garden is getting some weeds, but the plants are still producing beans, I just picked another bunch the other day..and we've picked about 5 zucchini so far...that's better than expected!   The onions look great..I'm letting some get big..and others I've pulled to cook with beans and such.   I will get more pictures on her soon.  

Have a blessed Wednesday!  

Psalm 37:4

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bee Balm Flower

Psalm 37:4

I had no idea that the tops of white onions produced little clusters of flowers.  I thought it was so unique and delicate it would make for a good picture.  Its good to have help in the garden~check out what hubby did... ;o)

He was getting so frustrated trying to pull weeds by hand, so I suggested he do a little watering to make it easier..what I didn't expect was what he did next~ way to go there honey!  
 He did an excellent job!   

Also, we have found an excellent plant to keep the critters at bay in the garden.  The Catnip plant is great to keep Japanese Beetles from tearing down your crops.   I decided it would be wise to buy a plant like this to have in our garden..I got the idea from P. Allen Smith gardening site. 

Psalm 37:4


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