Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a word about body splashes

This has nothing to do with buying body splashes, this about formulating your own from scratch.   

a word on body splashes
work in a ventilated area when using essential oils or fragrance oils of any kind.  One can be overcome with fumes from these oils.   I have experienced this myself.  On top of it all - I have asthma too, so before I knew it... I was coughing and gagging... then quickly moving to the great out of doors for a breath of fresh air!!    

Also wearing a mask (paper or cloth) can be beneficial.  

When working with oils of any kind (especially essential oils) always wear disposable gloves, as this protects your hands from any burns or reactions to the oils you might have, its best to be cautious.   

When picking fragrances.   Consider what you like to wear most.   Are you floral or fruity?    Woodsy or oriental?     

In the summertime I prefer wearing a body splash as it not only cools my skin, but it's refreshing too.    The ones I have bought in the stores, may list their ingredients as natural, but many of the ingredients are hard to pronounce let alone read.   In my opinion everything we wear to what we eat should always be natural... why eat or wear something that may make us sick?   Should we only buy something because everyone else has this same product...and if it works for them it should do the same for me?     

I don't think so.  Especially since I found out that I have sensitivity with my skin and my face.   The products I see advertised on television may promise radiant skin.   But for me it produced blotchy cr*p.    Soap (commercial based) has become an enemy for my skin, too.   This is why I have turned to wearing natural based products.   Whether I make them for myself or I purchase them.   They had better be natural.  

Here's something I would have never imagined using.  Vodka!   I'm not a drinker - casual or otherwise... so why would I have it in the house or consider buying it??    ;)

Simply because it's an ingredient to use with distilled water to make a homemade version of body splash.   Amazing huh?!?   I thought so too.   Vodka (high-quality, 100 proof) is best for recipes that call for  alcohol (rubbing alcohol).   I hope this makes sense! :O)    Rubbing alcohol has an offensive odor and it evaporates a bit too quickly.    

Have you ever purchase a body splash or cologne... that smells of rubbing alcohol?   After spraying it on your wrist ...its really hard to tell the scent cause all you smell is the alcohol.

Of course you wouldn't want to ingest the vodka once its all mixed together to produce your body splash.  Or would you.   *giggle*  

And when using a recipe, follow it through...so the final product is nice to use.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for thetips, great stuff!

Tettelestai said...

i am excited to try this!!

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Chef in Training said...

I am visiting from the hop! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would follow me back! thanks so much!

Sketches by Mary said...

thanks for all your great comments!


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