Thursday, July 14, 2011


Do you have days when .... you get up but don't get dressed.
                       Wash your face.... and not comb your hair.

                                        Stay in your jammies until noon.   
                                            Surf the internet...    chat on the phone....

                                          hunt around in the kitchen cupboards for something sweet to eat.

Open the fridge, hoping to find the stash of chocolate chip cookie dough.... or last piece of chocolate cake.    

                                    .....After stuffing yourself.... you secretly wished you hadn't eaten it.

What about leaving the dishes in the sink.   Stacking the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.... then just wandering off ... then forgetting what you were about to do.   

..... Then the door bell rings....  UH-OH, what do you do.
                                          If I know its my mother popping over for a surprise visit..... I Run like heck!, quickly scooping up the left over laundry that's been in the chair for a day or so.... just to throw it upon the unmade bed.    Run really fast into the a brush over my hair...and rinse my mouth with toothpaste!      Then hurry-hurry throw some clothes on....
Calmly walk to the door....and smile.     All the while hoping and praying she doesn't have to use the bathroom....  'cause you forgot to clean it.    
......Hoping she doesn't look past the doorway into the kitchen, cause the dishes are still in the sink.   
                                      ......  and really hoping she doesn't look into the laundry hamper....'cause there's jeans and socks sticking out from under the closed lid.

......  another day comes.... and I am dressed.  Hair combed teeth brushed.  Things are put away.   Laundry is nearly finished up....  and guess what... no one comes to visit.   When I look icky, .... playing it lazy...  that's when I get visitors.    What about you?



Janie B said...

That is so true! Aggravating, isn't it? But we all deserve those days once in a while. (If only people would stay away!)

Eva Gallant said...

That always happens! I find the same is true if I decide to run to the store in sweats and a tee and no makeup...I'll run into 5 people I know. But let me go to the same store looking decent and I won't see a soul I know!
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Come back soon!


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