Saturday, July 23, 2011

Focusing on Things Above

bring into focus..

just a little time before I go back to work. I want to say something about focus. we can either focus on the world around us, focus on something that makes us feel uneasy...or we can turn our focus to God.

something I wrote back in 2009.   

This is so true.   We can focus all our energy and time on what's happening with Gas Prices; Droughts; Our Bank Accounts; whatever your mind takes you throughout the day.   

OR   We can adjust our focus on things above.   Whatever  is True,  Beautiful, .... putting our Trust in the Father of Heaven.   Trusting that God will see us through no matter what.   No matter what our bank account says;  No matter what depressing news we hear  whether it be on television or radio.

Let us place our Focus on Jesus.   After all He already knows what we need.   

Blessings on your day~  Mary 

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