Thursday, July 7, 2011

Taco Ring....anyone?

Putting the finishing touches on the Taco Ring.    Oh My, that sounds good about now... YUMMY.   I was demonstrating the many uses of the 15"- round baking stone.   This was a party I did for my in-laws and their family.   The year was 1999-2000.   If my memory serves me correctly.  For dessert they requested the Chocolate Caramel Turtle Cake.    I've gained about 5 pounds just thinking about the cake alone!     I enjoyed doing this as a part time job.   

Some individuals thought I was part of the Merry Maids.   I could hardly believe the messes they would leave for me to clean up.  And that was before I started to cook and share my presentation.   The nerve!    

OK..... Sweet Dreams.      ~Mary~

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