Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday Blog Hop

A Mommy's Sweet Blog Design Friday Blog Hop

I would like to welcome my new followers!   I sure appreciate your kind comments, and for the invitation to join in the Friday Blog Hop.   As you can see I did.  A little late mind you, but I'm still here. ;)    Thank you!!

Our day was turned in a different direction... we came to the aid of my aunt & uncle during a family emergency.   He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.   Thank God, it wasn't anything serious to keep him in the hospital over night.   He was able to come home.   Anyway, I'm glad we were home when this all took place.  

Is the weather horribly hot where you live?   We haven't had any rain in so long a time that the ground is breaking up.    There was a short shower over on the other side of town, but a lot of good it did for us...  we didn't see or feel one drop!   I'm glad someone saw and enjoyed the shower.   The heat nearly knocks us over, the temps are hovering around in the high 90's and possibly triple digits.    

The other evening, I was standing in the kitchen doing something at the sink when I felt a wet spot on the rug.   I thought it probably came from the dogs mouth as she sometimes drips water after lapping up a big drink from her bowl.   But then I bent down to feel the rug....yup, it was wet alright.  Only the entire end of the rug was drenched!!   I started to freak out, thought the water pipe had burst or the drain had leaked....I didn't know what had gone wrong.   Called hubby at work, to say the pipe probably leaked out....then he said...if it were that the bottom cabinet would be soaked too-- I felt around, okay so it was dry....but where was the water coming from?!?   Upon opening the other cabinet door that's where I found a huge puddle!   A while back, my husband thought it would be good to store water in clean milk jugs for whenever we needed water.   Well!  One of the jugs was almost empty!!    I grabbed out most of the jugs and dumped the water unto my parched plants.   I was mad of course, but thankful for the fact it wasn't the pipes.   The mess was cleaned up...however it kinda ruined some of the floor.   Yuk.   It really can't be seen.. so that's good.  

It's getting rather late so I'll be going.   For those of us having to endure this HEAT....take it easy!  Don't forget to check on your animals.   :o)   

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