Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We were living in Japan for awhile where we had the fun of living in these 9 story apartments.     We lived on the 3rd floor.   The view out of our windows was perfect...   the majesty of Mt. Fuji set the scene.   Although it was 50 miles away, on a good day we could see the snow blowing across the top, with the aid of binoculars.  It was beautiful.     After a month of hot, sticky, hazy weather... we would finally see some relief in the form of a typhoon.   We couldn't wait as temperatures had climbed to 102!    We bought the necessary groceries to see us through the long night and into the following days ahead. And enough batteries in case the lights went off.       For the most part, our 2-bedroom apartment had plenty of room inside as well as outside.   The biggest balcony just off the side of our living room area could hold about 10 to 15 people (standing) or less if adding chairs.    This was mostly used to work on bicycles, as it was a hobby of my husband.     That evening, the horrific wind and rain of the typhoon came through.   We slept well into the night, occasionally waking to see if there were any trees blown over.    The next morning we opened the sliding doors to feel the cool fresh breeze on our faces.   We noticed we could now see all of the mountains clearly.   And we noticed something else too,... it looked as if someone had lost their shaving cream can as it bounced off the railings it left a trail of white puffy foam!  After further investigation we saw the empty dented can lying in the grass below.    But wait, there was something else  on the railing... as we walked closer we could see it resembled potato salad?!?  Or.... was it.... no it couldn't be.... we just thought...  don't touch it maybe the wind will blow it off.   About dinner time, there was a loud knock at the door.   Upon opening the door, a middle-aged woman stood with a disgusted look..."Oh, I'm here to tell you that I live on the 7th floor... and the people on the 8th floor decided to have a Typhoon Party last night, did you hear them?!?!"  "Well I DID!!!  Someone BARFED all over my balcony!!!, and I'm so disgusted!!!"   She left our place in a HUFF!    It was clear to us what that mess was all over the railing.... how utterly GROSS.   Just the thought of someone being so rude made me want to toss my cookies too.   Well, we weren't going to touch it, that stuff would either have to blow off or whatever!!     Just a few minutes after the lady left, another knock at the door.   This time there was a bald-headed man standing with a nasty bucket of water in his hand with a scrub brush in the other.  " I'm here to clean the mess off of your balcony."   "Oh really!!" my husband responded.   "Don't worry about it, I'll get it." my husband said.    What was that man thinking??!!  There was no way he was going to use that nasty water to clean off our balcony railing!! 

The moral of the story~ always be considerate of the neighbors.

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