Thursday, July 7, 2011

This brings back memories…

good times my family had in Walt Disney World.   We drove down in December of 1974 and spent New Years there as well.
The temperature was zero degrees here in Indiana, but by the time we rolled into Florida it was a toasty 99 degrees.   

I have more post cards, however these are my favorites… The Haunted Mansion… Hovering over a riverbank, in “deathly splendor”, is the mysterious Haunted Mansion … an active retirement home for 999 happy ghosts, ghouls, an goblins “dying” to meet visitors.  

The Strolling Topiary Lane and Monorail:  Dumbo meets a “topiary cousin”, one of many shrubs grown into the shapes of Disney characters.   Nearby,  sleek monorail trains glide by on the “highway in the sky”, taking guests on a scenic journey to the Magic Kingdom.  

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea…. Mysterious sunken worlds and strange deep sea creatures lie ahead for guests joining Captain Nemo aboard the submarine Nautilus, for a voyage.

“The Vacation Kingdom of the World”   Guests play and often stay in Walt Disney World.   Exciting theme resorts are located along the shores of beautiful Bay Lake and the picturesque Seven Seas Lagoon…gateway to the Magic Kingdom.

My fondest memory has to be the Haunted Mansion and the ride on the Monorail.   Back then, there wasn’t as many attractions as there is today.   In fact,  Space Mountain wasn’t even built yet…. it was just in its beginning stages.    As my dad and I were waiting in line…. he looked at me and said “I wonder what that will be?”  pointing to the mess of construction.    I couldn’t imagine.    

I used to have a book on the beginnings of Walt Disney World.   It was kept buried in a desk drawer at home.    I’m sure its been thrown out.   I can’t imagine something like that still being around at my parents house.    Parents: Don’t give a kid of 11 the responsibility of saving a keepsake.  It could’ve been worth something…. possibly.    
The Book may be gone forever…..but the BAG lives on!   Here’s an original just for old times sake.     Complete with an old smell of “dusty books”.      But its there.   Tucked away among the photographs of yesteryear. 
I hope you have enjoyed this memorable occasion.     As I turn off the light and crawl into bed…visions of Disney World will be in my head.    Good Night. 

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