Friday, July 15, 2011

How to Make Basic Soap

My quest for soap making has come to a "wait and see" period of time.     Although I probably have some ingredients on hand, I would still need to get a few more things.    Which would run up a chunk of change.   We are on a budget.   I think what will satisfy my desire to produce something homemade is stuff I already have on hand.   If you already make soap, or you are a beginner... but have no idea where to get your hands on some recipes.... I may have what you are looking for!  

Basic No-Weighing Soap:
this does not require using a scale at all.   This recipe looks good to me and I think you'll like it.    You'll need:  Vegetable Shortening - 6 lbs. (common sizes are 3 and 6 lb cans)
                           Coconut Oil  -  14 Fl. oz  (get this from a health food store, use the entire jar);   3/4 Cups of Olive Oil;  Lye - 12 oz. can dissolved in 2-3/4 cup distilled water;
          Lilly of the Valley FO - 2 Tablespoons (opt)   
**If I were making this soap, I would prefer to use Georgia Peach FO, but you can add whatever Fragrance Oil you would like. ** 

♥ Soap making info ♥
Q. Is there a way to make soap without having to use Lye?
A. The strong acid in Lye is what enables it to react with the fats and oils to make soap.

Q. What should I use to protect myself when using Lye?
A. Get a good pair of gloves, apron, shoes, and knowledge.   Use good fitting rubber gloves so that they don't interfere with your fingers.  Goggles or glasses that cover your entire eye area.  One teeny drop of Lye can burn off a part of an eyebrow or worse damage your eye.  Protection is always best!    

♥ Although this isn't a complete list of know-how, I wanted to at least point you in the right direction....its good to know these things.   Purchasing a book on soap making would probably be the best source of information.♥

♥ Don't forget there is a strong odor that comes from using Lye... make sure to have a good face mask, and work where there's an open window, so you're not overcome with fumes.♥


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