Monday, April 19, 2010

In Stitches....

My mother was for many years a seamstress, she's made everything from dresses, wedding dresses, outfits, dolls, doll clothes, blankets, quilts..the list is very long indeed.  
The years have flown doesn't do as much sewing if at all.   Now, being her daughter, you'd think I would be sewing too....maybe...well I don't.   I guess, learning to sew wasn't on my to do list, and when I was young there were more important things to do like play outside with friends, draw, or just watch the television.   And I thought if I did try to learn to sew, my mother may not have had much patience with me.   I can remember "learning" to sew in Home Ec class, our project was to make oval place mats.   I picked a green flowered material for the center and yellow for the edging, I thought it would look cute...I made 4, at the end of the week we could take our creations home..I was pleased with my attempt at sewing..and for a beginner I thought I did pretty good.  Well I presented the place mats to my mother... I asked if she would display them on the table.  Her response wasn't what I had in mind.. I could tell by the look on her face that she wasn't very pleased with me.   I don't recall her saying much.. I just remember that look.   Just her look alone...made me feel bad.   Well...can you guess what happened next?    She had taken each of the mats and changed the entire look of them!   Without asking me first.   Yep.  She did that.   You know, I find it strange that I would still remember such a strange thing.     

To this very day, I will sew just a little bit.  I will make things to suit me.  I will not try to impress others with what I can do or TRY to do.  If I want to make anything, I just try to do my best.   That's all I can do!   


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