Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Button, button, where's MY button?

I'm not really sure what's going on...am I mentally button challenged?   Button blockage?  Button-Itis?    Maybe its a good thing not to answer myself.   I did it before without any hassle.  WHEN nobody seemed interested in my Amethyst Garden Blog.  It doesn't matter.   I'm not going to wonder or worry over a stupid button.   If you haven't found my blog yet...its not because you can't "grab my button"...it will be reasons like..."she never posts anything special"... or "she never gives anything away"...   I could I give away something.... but what?... my house?   Oh- that would give me tons of readers!   We won't go there.    I've been doing some thinking here lately... and if for some reason I don't get many followers..its because of the lack of words to read on my blog..that's got  to be it.   Plus......plus... its too early in the morning for such silly blabbing...I mean blogging.   If you don't want to read or follow I understand.   I mean, I may hang up this blogging business.   And for some it is a business.  Which is fine and dandy.  I even thought about that myself... oh well...

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