Saturday, April 24, 2010

I was a bit bored yesterday, so I thought I would fly around the earth.   I was visiting a certain city~ and I noticed an interesting feature of Google Earth- live traffic- I had clicked on that feature before, but didn't really know what to do with it; now I can actually click on the green dots and it will show how fast that car is going, or at least give an average speed.   My first thought was how cool is that, then I got to thinking, no, that isn't cool at all.  What if *they* could also record car gab...hmmm...not a pretty sight.   
Later I was sleeping.. I had a dream...had to be a dream and yet it seemed so real.  I was flying around to different cities, and as I flew around (without any effort on my part)...actually I was zipping here and there it was just too cool!   I saw cars speeding down the roadways...and thought how will I get their attention to slow down?  I know, I'll let Caution Flag know about this...she has the power to stop these people.  But first I needed someone to direct traffic flow- so I thought Mrs. 4444 could do this easily enough.  So I asked both~and they said, "Sure we'd love to help" Mrs. Caution Flag wrote out the speeding tickets, while Mrs. 4444 directed the traffic...and I handed out the tickets.  We did this in every city.   After it was all done...we looked at each other and smiled...we just knew with a little hard work we could do anything!   When I woke up this morning around 3:30...I thought wow that was awesome.  I should blog about this.   When I look over what I've written, its just so funny.  LOL  I just had to share.    I really do visit Caution Flag's site quite often...she has such a natural way of saying things...I have a deep desire to share my thoughts too...but I'm afraid that I won't know how to say it.  Like I don't have a natural writing flow...maybe I do and don't know it.   Then I think, why even write peeps won't bother coming by to read my post...heck, there's hardly any followers out there.  Then I think...hey, this is my Blog...who cares...but I do care... I hope some day more peeps will want to follow...  leave your comments too.   Or I won't know who came to visit me or should I say my blog.  Cause, when you've left your comments I usually do visit your blogs.  I'm still in the process of checking...give me some I'm usually very busy during the week.  However, during the summer I will have tons of time off...I'm already interested in an exercise class at the Y.  I'm still checking out when the times will be...hopefully, it will be held during the mid-morning hours as this would be a great time for gets my mind awake..then I'm ready for the day of whatever I'll be doing like gardening or cleaning...I really need to get going on this carpet.  I have a Hoover Rug Cleaning Machine... we purchased it when we lived in another house, we had gotten new was so heavenly to walk on with bare feet.  I was determined to keep it looking like we got the machine...I used it quite religiously.  OOooo it made those carpets shine!  Well not shine but you know what I mean.   Then when we moved to this house...ahem...the carpet isn't really my cup of its an ugly berber type of carpet.  There are some nice ones out there, but trust me this is ugly.  And there's pulled up...places ...where the rabbit we once had.....chewed.   One thing you don't want to do is allow a rabbit to just have the run of the house....heh...we found out the hard way.  It wasn't our idea to buy this kind of was already was new sort of...if the renters of the house didn't have a dog...I would say it looked new...I'm not sure where the dog was allowed to go...I mean GO!   As we found signs of the bathroom...and in various places.   So, we got out the rags...and some cleaning solution and got to cleaning up those spots, before we moved the furniture in.   Manfred was the dogs name.   I think it does not matter, I just remember seeing the dog on occasion when we were still the process of buying the home.  
Oh my, looked what happened here...I forgot myself...and plopped my thoughts on here!  Yea...I'm doing better...   good.   I better end this post before it goes miles down the road.  We may have to get Mrs. Caution Flag to write me a ticket!   :)



Anonymous said...

Wow, that was an ongoing speech, or should I say, a collection of thoughts...nice reading, though! Love it!

Wanda said...

Hi Mary ~~ Thanks so much for stopping by Brushstrokes, and my Art Blog.

I'm always happy when I meet a new artist friend.

You have a nice blog, and I will be back to read some of your previous posts and look for your artwork.

Have a great weekend


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