Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Corn-fused..therefore I observe

I've been more of an observer of many blogs than a writer of my own blog.. and it shows.    I feel like a kid in a candy shop-so many kinds of candy, 50,000 different flavors, just way too much to choose from!   I'm speaking of blogs and all the things like contests, free giveaways, memes (did I spell that right?) ... I feel like I'm trying to paddle around on a tiny raft way out in the ocean.  Blogs are like cities...and if you like to go blog-hopping ...like I did the other day... I felt like I was lost.   So.....what to do?

My thoughts are just a jumble this afternoon...I feel flustered.   I'm not sure why.   Maybe its my age.  I'm gettin' up thar.   Some days it feels like it.   

The other day at work, I had my kids to play a puzzle game.  I thought it would be fun for them to go around to different tables to try and find the missing pieces.   And some thought it was an interesting game...one student said she found it "positively nauseating".  Really.  Well.   Another student said, she liked it.   Okay, well we may not play it in the near future... but I will have them to work on other games.  Like math and spelling.   I think at times 8 year old's can be tough age to teach.   It seems they are just full of themselves.  Other times they are full of joy.  And expressions of humor.  

Speaking of work...I must get back to it...have a good day.   


Chris Weigand said...

I know what you mean. If I let it happen I can get lost in blogland and never get my own writing done. I have to find a better way to juggle blogland and Chris' writing land

Sketches by Mary said...

True, so true. I was just visiting your blog..I wanted to ask a question but I'm running low on time.. I will ask later. Thanks for your comment.


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