Friday, April 23, 2010

Freaky Friday:  Is really a "left over of Thursday's probs"  I'm not saying I want all my freaky Friday's to be this way- no not hardly.  Yesterday was rough.  Usually my days just roll into another without a care... cause for the most part my students do well...but some parents just have to take their frustrations of their day out on me...when did I become a dumping ground?   I guess, some peeps just have to "explode"... and why not use the teacher... yup...why not.    I did keep my cool.  I wasn't happy-to hear some of her complaints, but I did keep cool.   She is always reminding me that she likes Christian Schools over public schools.   And I keep telling myself-she has a choice-just send your kid back to where you feel more comfortable.  Other wise, you'll never really be happy. 

Want to be included in Freaky Friday's ?  Read on and leave your link!  Easy as pie. post was really about Thursday leftovers...but it's only because I haven't gone through my Friday yet.... If you'd like to share a freaky Friday experience...don't hesitate!  Begin the top of your post with the words   Freaky Friday       Just leave your LINK belowRemember in your post to link back to my blog.     All LINKS not related to Freaky Friday's will be deleted.   Oh~your experience doesn't have to happen only on friday's ~ your freaky experience may have happened on another day or another week or month ago... just remember to post it in your Freaky Friday post!

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