Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays

I thought it might be nice to have an official "welcome to Spring" banner!   This was made by me several years ago.   I don't have a clue what site it was for... doesn't matter. ;) 

Lets see what other things I can find......

Oh Yes, here's another one.   One thing I've learned in making a mouse-drawn subject... it takes breath control and lots of patience.   Can you tell I have a love for birds?  ;)

This one was specifically made for Christmas cards.

Be Blessed everyone!  God loves you and so do I. 
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And have a great Wednesday! ~Mary~


Anonymous said...

I love your bird drawings--those are simply beautiful! You are very talented!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Christmas card is my favorite. How wonderful to be able to draw such details.

simply kim said...

you did these by yourself? my, you're good..


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