Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Olive Oil Soap

I did a little research on the benefits of Olive Oil.   Just recently I purchased some handmade soap from Debbie's Handmade Soaps
in Georgia Peach; Strawberry-Kiwi.   The ingredients are natural including olive oil which makes the skin supple and smooth to the touch.  I absolutely love the Georgia Peach!   Using this olive oil based soap has really helped my sensitive skin feel much better.   I encourage you to check out Debbie's website, she offers a wide variety of handmade soaps.

Benefits of Olive Oil:  Use it to remove makeup on a nightly bases, will also aid in getting rid of crows feet around the eyes.    

Its healthy fats benefit hair and nails, lips.   

To find out more about the healthy benefits of herbs go to Healing Herbs

Psalm 37:4

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