Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Making a Terrarium

I have decided it would be fun to make a terrarium.  I will be starting with a fairly large fish (empty) tank, its been cleaned out of all the micro-squiggly things found in aquariums.   The tank itself is 30 gallons… so I’ve got to decide (make a list) of plants to grow in this tank.   I don’t like to start projects blindly…so a little research will go into finding just the right plants. 

Did you know you can actually order plants via

SEEDS  can be purchased…  I thought this was most unusual.  The only items I’ve ordered from are DVD’s.  I’m sure there are more things offered through this company… more than meets the eye! Winking smile

I will be posting pictures of my adventures of making this otherwise ugh-ly tank into something beautiful… hopefully! Smile

Stay tuned for updates. 


Gina said...

I love terrariums *I have put all kind of house plants in mine, I even tried a cacti one time..needless to say it died :( too much water. hostas are pretty plants....violets would probably do pretty good in that terran.

thank you for stopping by, I keep wanting to change the frogs but everybody seems to like them ;)

Sketches by Mary said...

Thank you Gina for your terra-insight there... yes, I will be checking out what plants would be best. :)

Blessings to you too!


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