Thursday, March 24, 2011

Window with a view

view out front bedroom I totally wanted to participate in Wordless Wednesday.   Warm windy breezes carried me outdoors yesterday.   So pretty…. I just had to be a part of digging around the flower beds, pulling up dry grasses, cutting back old dead flower stalks.   It was a day well spent.   By nightfall strong thunderstorms rumbled overhead, with frequent lightening and heavy downpours!!   My Spring time thoughts were dashed when the weatherman said….Snow by Saturday.  WHAT?!!  This can’t be true!!!!!   Alas…. it might be Spring on the calendar~ but winter is hanging on.  Drats.     The photo above is a reminder to me and to you, that warmer weather is around the corner…. lets hang on just a little longer!  

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Lisa B Carter Designs said...

Just stopping by to say Hi hope you are doing well and to cold, there was snow here Sat too.


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