Tuesday, March 8, 2011

for the health of it :)

What is better than a box of chocolates on Valentines Day?    An exercise machine!   We gave ourselves the gift of health...instead of "death by chocolate".  ;)    An Elliptical is a wonderful way to ease into shape.    It works your upper arm area, the tummy, and legs...a full body work out~for sure!    I've lost at least 3 inches or more around my waist!!  No joke.    The benefits; I feel better, can actually fit into some clothes that were once headed for Goodwill.    Amazing what exercise can do.  :)    

I'm limiting sweets, carbs, cholesterol.    Drinking more water.   We like filtered water the best; less waste of throwing away plastic.   I actually add water to fizzy drinks...there's a reason... I can't handle too much acid.   Something to do with having an ulcer.    Chocolate is a big no-no.    Well....I will allow myself to have a little after all its hard to quit.    Caffeine is non-existent in my daily life.    So, it does take me a little longer to get started in the mornings.  ;)  But I seem to manage.  

Plus--exercise really does help to reduce stress!  Really.   And it beats having to pay a membership to a gym.   That part alone sold me. ;)      

I'm trying little by little to "jump-start" this blog.   I hope you all like the changes I've made.     

Psalm 37:4

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