Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's in Your Garden?

Have you thought about what you'll be planting in the Spring?   Veggies, Flowers?  Both?
How 'bout container gardens?  

We have a patch of earth where we've grown veggies for the past few years.   Not sure if this site will be safe to use this year, as our neighbor kinda went hay-wire on killing weeds...so much so--that the "burnt-look" has crept into our yard.   Not a pretty site.  Part yellow part green.  

Until we decide where the garden will be.... we've been busy planning what to grow!  
Sweet Onions; Kentucky Wonder Beans; Cucumbers; Lettuce; and I'm thinking it would be nice to have a strawberry patch too.    Dill; and other herbs... haven't quite decided.  

Can't forget flowers!   Collecting seeds.   

So far this early morning....I've heard the chirping of a robin, sparrow, and  cardinal...ah~the sounds of coming Spring!     Wake up Merry Sunshine.  :)

Psalm 37:4

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