Monday, January 3, 2011


I would rather be outside in the garden  or riding my bike~but considering it’s below freezing I must find something to occupy my time indoors.  During the day, I’ll spend a little time on the internet, visiting my favorite sites…or working on laundry (everyone’s favorite pastime) LOL.   My day time isn’t usually filled with much drama…not like it used to be when I was still teaching…now there’s drama!  ;)  Now, some of  the drama comes from watching movies.  I’ve had the blessing of Netflix, but that must go away for a time….so I won’t have too many withdraws…I (finally) checked out to find some of my favorite flicks … Robin Williams in RV; Mercy Mission of Rescue Flight 771;  Mickey Rooney stars in Andy Hardy.  I have lots of favorites including: The Money Pit; That Thing You Do; 84 Charring Road; Swing Shift; Julie & Julia *note* I heard the book wasn’t all that well written, instead of using vocabulary to best describe something, the author used vulgar language…which isn’t all that impressive.  More flicks include: The Left Behind Series; most of all the Hallmark favorites~ What I Did For Love, etc…; Love is a Many Splendor Thing…*I liked William Holden in this movie*…; Cary Grant in Walk, Don’t Run; An Affair to Remember;  Alfred Hitchcock thrillers like: Rearview Window; The Man Who Knew Too Much; ….a friend recommended  Dial M for Murder…but we thought it was too “gabby”.

The Sound of Music…is the best of the best…for musical score…and splendid dancing.  I like a good movie that makes me want to twirl around the room .    I absolutely loved the series Anne of Green Gables… I first “heard” this movie on radio!  We didn’t have a television set up…so hubby hooked up a connection to the cable that was sticking up in the floor of the mobile home…I remember…listening for hours…as the story played out…it was magical.

It seems this subject could go on forever…well almost!  ;)  I feel that I may have given you all the wrong impression of my daily life…it isn’t always “movie day”…and it isn’t always laundry…its many other things too.  I have a business to take care of…making candles and foot butters.  Even in this day of computers and email, I still find that letter writing is a good way to communicate.  When flowers are in bloom and butterflies are flitting here and there…you will find me sitting among the flora  snapping pictures. 

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