Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What a bargain

When we first noticed this chair sitting out in front of a house with the word "Free"...we figured something was wrong with animal smell or cigarette.  As we got closer to inspect there was just a faint musty odor.   And the arms had some sort of grease stain.  The lady assured me that it sat unused for 8 yrs on their back porch.  Well..I'm here to say...I'm using something like Shout on the dirty areas with a tooth brush...then going over those areas with my carpet/upholstery cleaning wand...and so far its working.   The brand is Lazy Boy.   Its a rocker/recliner.   And just what we'd been looking for in our living room.   We used to have a fairly nice, but overly large recliner to go with our sofa...however something had broken down and we ended up giving it to my brother.  Well..he said all it needed was a spring.  Well--phooey.   We'd been missing our chair so badly..cause all we had to sit on was the sofa.  I would say this is a blessing!   After all, furniture is rather expensive..especially the name brands...and that's what we'd been hoping to get (someday).   Here's another picture..(I'm still in the process of cleaning it).   

Psalm 37:4


glenis said...

Mary, you got a steal girl!! Nice blessing from the Lord uh?!!!

Caution Flag said...

I'm impressed! It looks great :)


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