Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happiness is found in the heart of a friend - its always hard to start out the first day of school or work, not knowing anyone.  A feeling of sadness comes over me when that happens...but, my heart is glad when I find someone to share a smile with, or pass time with...what a good feeling to know we have friends...they comfort us when we are feeling low.  

Snacks...can no longer be full of sugar or chocolate...that's what the doctor says...but what do I say?  ...eat smaller bites of cookies (vanilla or oatmeal will do!) ...guess, I'm thinking snacks cause I'm a little hungry...and since its so late I will say nay to snacking.

I feel better to know that I'm eating better..choosing wisely what I will eat..and when to eat.  I have lost some weight...which is wonderful.  I got a compliment the other day...that made (this diet) so much better to deal with.  My options are rather "thin"...stay away from fatty foods, as I mentioned before chocolate...(I do better with semi-sweet chocolate!)...and tomatoes...gosh...it was hard at first to stay away from foods containing tomatoes...but I'm doing better all the time.   If you are someone that has to watch your intake of certain foods...then be encouraged my friend..  keep on keeping on!  You can do it!  Good Job.  By the way, you look nice!

Rain...rain go away! ...its raining as I type this out...3:32 AM...why up so late??  You should hear this rain...WOW...its comin' down in barrels, buckets, poodles, cats and dogs!!!   I don't mean to complain, but please stop this rain...my veggie garden doesn't need it, my flowers are just fine thank you.  

I wish I could stay organized...in my thoughts.  At my desk, in the clothes closet... I do try my best...maybe...its a sign of creative motives...my motivation should be to create...gifts, crafts...to create things...I must have room to spread out stuff....  well...its a good thought anyway.

Blessings to you!

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Psalm 37:4

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Mrs4444 said...

Good job on eating better for your health. I liked your encouraging comments, too :) Thanks!


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