Saturday, February 20, 2010

Whatcha buildin' there daughter?

Every time I'd go into the kitchen, dad would lean from his easy chair and ask, "whatcha buildin' there daughter?"   "Well, at the moment nothing...why?"  "Oh, just wonderin'."    "Building" to my dad meant, what are you making, or what kind of sandwich are you having...that sort of thing.   My memories include me whipping up a batch of cookies~preferably oatmeal chocolate chip, or on rare occasions snickerdoodles.   When I was much younger I had my very own Easy Bake, those were the days lil' chocolate cakes, brownies, yellow cake,...I never did make the pretzels.  hmmm.. wonder why.  Oh well.. anyway it seemed as soon as one of the lil' cakes was still hot out of the oven, my brother would sneak a piece..huh, excuse me?! The whole cake!  I don't remember getting to taste any of my creations...well not all of them.  Gradually, I would ask mom if I could help her mix up a cake, or cut homemade noodles..what fun!  I loved watching her perfectly cutting out each row of noodles.   She made cooking look so easy.    This moment of "memory" came to mind..cause I really need to get my behind off of this desk chair and into the kitchen to make some dinner...gosh, time flies...I was just watching a movie, that we rented from this.   If you don't have Netflix you ought too.  No need to look from hundreds at the local video store...or having to take them back...ugh...not my kind of thing to do.   And I can't watch movies without having a bag of popcorn~kettle corn being my fave.  Yummmy... then, well...I drank the last of the diet there's nothing to drink...except water.  OK there's tea, but its still in their little bags.  
.....>>>>> like I said before<<<<<  I've got to get in that kitchen and make dinner....wheeeeeee.... :O)

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