Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good morning, ....9:28 am....or maybe not?!?

6:30 got up to start my day.  On my to do list:  start laundry, get an early dinner going so hubby could have some good food to eat during his lunch at work.  

7:30 decided to get a cake mix down from the pantry shelf, but alas I'll have that made later on in the day.

By 8:30 time for hubby to leave.   After hubby left, our cat started to act really funny or should I say that cat came after me, I told that cat a firm NO.  Even tho I stood my ground that dumb cat just reached over and bit me on the ankle.  That HURT!!  So, I got out the spray bottle of water to shut him up..*usually it works like a charm* but not this time.  This time with me turned around for just a second he jumped up and bit my arm!   I had enough of that little *fart* so I got some super-duty oven gloves, picked up that growling cat and tossed him out in the garage.   He even had the nerve to hiss at DARE he.

By 9:00 I was in the bathroom nursing my bad kitty wounds.  Mannnn...he must've really got a whiff of the outdoors.  There's been a cat or dog or raccoon hanging around in the night.  Every evening our cat will look out the windows checking his territory.   By the way, our cat is strictly an indoor kitty.  We had him fixed several years ago.   So that part of his mind should be "calm"....huh huh maybe not??   

Now the time is 10:11... I'm feeling better *I'm not so tense*  and the scratches are doing better.  Thank goodness.  Its not very often that cat act quite like that...but when he does stay outta the way!  Next time I think I'll try to shoo him out the garage door a little earlier.  Preferably when hubby is here...that cat respects him. 

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