Sunday, February 28, 2010

Month in review,

Review of last week.   I didn't post much was busy with work.  
For the month of February our class held a contest, with my kids at school, "Random Acts of Kindness",  I sat down with each child to see what they wanted to do for their "chores" either for a friend, family member or school mate.   We had two winners!   They each got prizes of modeling clay & water color set.    I am proud that these 2 children did their best to help with chores around at home, and without being asked. 

During the month of March our class will be learning about manners.   I've named it: "March Toward Good Manners".   

Off topic~we have more snow.  You've heard right.  Just when we started to see the old batch of snow melt to reveal the green earth, and little plants starting to appear..then we got blasted again!     Where oh where are you Spring?   Please come to visit us soon.

p.s.  last week hubby reported seeing 40-50 robins in our back yard!! 


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