Sunday, February 28, 2010

~My Love~ do you love me?

At times I'm inspired to write poetry, I guess I have always written poetry even in my teens.  Most of my writings come from reading devotionals or my bible...but mostly from meditating on what I've read, it could be a passage from psalms or another scripture and music. 
In this poem, I believe the Lord is reminding us to not forget Him.  He loved us so much that he gave up his life, to give each and everyone of us a new life in him. 

Blessings to you!

Why do you ignore me?  Are you afraid to get close?  I've given my word to give you light~

Your Bible sits untouched- with a layer of dust.

Is my love too much?  Do you not trust?

My Love is freely given~ never earned~ I did this because I don't want you to burn.

My Love is eternal, my Love for you burns bright- please don't fight me-

I've given my Love so freely~

written by Mary 2009

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