Friday, November 5, 2010

Times Past...1989

I was just going through an old journal from days gone by.  Came across an entry from December 1989.  Hubby and I were stationed in North Carolina at the time... I woke up to our first winter day..with snow and ice covering the ground.   Hubby was away in England and I was alone in our mobile home... I was busy getting ready for friends to come by to pick me up to help out with the Salvation Army to serve Christmas dinner. I had helped before in the kitchen of the Salvation Army to serve in what was called Love Lunches...but serving for the crowd that would be coming for dinner had made me a little bit more nervous, I think it was because I didn't know how many would be gathered there...several other people from surrounding churches had come to help to put foods together and cook...the place was busy..we had a lot to was a grand time of fellowship.  After the food was prepared we stood with utensils in hand to serve our guests...I manned the sweet potato station...many people came through the line that afternoon...I was happy to serve each and everyone with a happy heart and a smile.   Later that afternoon I went home with my friends for dinner and more fellowship as we gathered around the table.  The food was plenty and it was quite tasty.   We celebrated Christmas with a cake and singing.  All had a grand time.    As time went on...of course we moved to other places like Japan and then to Arkansas...but the times we spent in fellowship with our friends we had known and loved would always be remembered.  This Christmas time, will be spent as always with my husband and I gathered 'round the tree exchanging gifts for one another...and remembering our friends.  :)

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Caution Flag said...

What a sweet memory! We once took our kids to help at a food bank and I promised that we would do that on a regular basis. We never did it again :( Shame on me.


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