Monday, November 8, 2010

not too shabby....

Hello!   This time change is for the birds in my opinion.  I got up this morning thinking I had over slept but I hadn't.   Yesterday was a crazy day.  We did manage to go to one open house we like doing this on Sunday's.   It was a new condo, very spacious, hardwood floor in the kitchen, new berber carpet in the living room and throughout.   Generally, I'm not a big berber fan as we have some cheaper stuff in our house, it wasn't our choosing it was here when we bought the place.  I've had one person tell me they liked it...well, they can claim it...I will gladly take some new stuff!
Anyway, after coming home we said lets do something to make our kitchen a lot more usable, so we traded dressers, both are nothing fancy mind was in our living room holding a bunch of junk, so we weeded through the junk some will go to GW. Some stuff will go home to their rightful owners. LOL   So we moved the smaller dresser from our bedroom to the kitchen, fitting it just right up to the fridge, I was able to fill it with things that would never seem to fit right in our present kitchen drawers.  We have 2 old rickety drawers that will rub sawdust into the next drawer below it, not a great feature to have when storing mixers, hand blenders...just small appliances.   Now the top of the dresser has the microwave, cookie jar, utensil-go-round, and my knife set.   All within reach, when needed cooking at the stove.   I am just thrilled with how it turned out!   So today, I've been doing some cleaning around the kitchen, putting away things that have set out most of the year.  I never wanted my home to look all the other places we've lived I could keep it looking nice and clean cause I had way more places to store was great.  But those days are far behind...and you make do with what you have.  I will add tho~this dresser is actually saving us about 300 bucks...we've looked around at all kinds of kitchen storage items and I know none of those would hold as much as this dresser adds a kind of shabby design too!

Psalm 37:4

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