Friday, November 5, 2010

Thankful Challenge November 5th 2010

The picture for the Thankful Challenge would not come up for me in this I'm sorry for that..however, I did want to say what I'm thankful for... 
Here's what happened...yesterday morning as my husband was on his way into the building of where he works, the time was 6:30AM so its still a little dark , he saw a truck coming towards him, he thought at first it was a co-worker playing a prank on if to say "I'm gonna run over you".. hubby thought the person would then just go around him, however this did not happen..all of the sudden as he was still walking he was hit!   He said, the side mirror has bumped his elbow pretty hard....thankfully it wasn't too hard to break any bones.  When he first called to tell me of the accident I was rather angry...and who wouldn't be?!?!  For the majority of the afternoon I stayed upset.  Then later, when we got together for prayer time..I had to decide right then and there if I was going to keep the anger....or let it go.   Letting it go was the best medicine...we prayed for the person who had driven so recklessly...and decided to forgive.   So there you go~I start my Friday, in a most Thankful way~praising the Father in Heaven for keeping my husband safe.   Thanking God for the power of forgiveness.  It will truly set the captive free.

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