Sunday, May 2, 2010

Resisting temptation

I'm having to adjust my eating's orders.   This all started in a very bad way last week...I remember it well.   After eating a rather big tummy didn't quite settle.  Around 4 in the morning I ended up having to go to the ER.   They gave me a lovely thick pink cocktail to numbed my tongue and throat so much I thought I would gag!   Thankfully nothing came up. The medicine in the drink took care of the major pain, but left my right side with a bad ache.  The doctor on duty came in for a little talk.   He said, "You'll need to stay away from all citrus type of drinks, no caffeine, no chocolate, no foods high in fat, no soda pop, no tomatoes....we're trying to see if you might have an ulcer."   I thought to myself- oh goodie- that just wipes everything I like out of the ball park.   Now I'm taking a pill to help reduce the acid that builds up in my tummy....and by the way it works great!   And guess what?   I've been able to stay away from soda favorite being Pepsi...but hey,...its not worth all the pain to drink even a little sip.   Take it from me.  I've been weaning myself away from eating too many sweets.   Its hard to go cold turkey, so I'm taking it one day at a time.   The temptation to indulge in heavy sugary sweets like frosty cupcakes, bakery donuts, mouth watering delights... are ALL AROUND in grocery stores...and believe you me...its hard to walk away from it all...especially when they're on sale...or someone hands you a cookie to sample...but I've got to walk or run away... I love to eat chocolate...I love chocolate cake....I mean, who doesn't?!?    I attended a wedding on Saturday afternoon...and my gosh! the main part of the decorated cake was CHOCOLATE!!!  Be still my stomach...I did not let one piece of crumb past my lips!   Lets talk about the food...wowie...all kinds of food at the reception...oy!   I had one piece of fried chicken...I removed all the skin...and ate only the white meat of the spices of any kind.  A small dollop of mashed potatoes, no gravy...and some green beans....that was it.   Thank goodness there was a fountain to get some water.   I watched as others enjoyed every last morsel on their plates.   You know...I've got a long way to go before I reach my goal of resisting all temptations of will be hard...but I've got to have will power...and help..or should I say...MY main help comes from the LORD...He knew long before I even ate the last bite...what would happen....He knew about the doctor's orders...He knew everything.   With His help I will come through it....and maybe one day I will say....I'm tempted no more.  In the days ahead...I will be exploring new recipes...that will encourage good eating habits.  And I'm hoping to drop a few pounds as well.     Oh yes...I can do this...and if you want to come along...then come.   :O)    

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