Sunday, February 13, 2011

Its been a long winter

and still is…   the rising temperatures are finally helping the snow to melt … maybe we’ll see little green plants poking up through the ground soon.   Looks to be breezy today with sunshine peeking out from under the clouds. 

We can’t seem to wait until Spring to do some much needed painting.  The fireplace will be getting a fresh coat of paint, we’re going to mount the flat screen TV over the mantle area (just below where the mantle rested).  It should look nice once its finished.   Hopefully we’ll get the walls painted too.  We may have to wait as we are in the market for buying a new couch.  The old one tends to sink in the middle…so if the two of us want to sit each one must hang on to the sides!   Ok. OK.  It’s not quite that bad as I made it out to be… but its getting close to it. ;)

I’ll post before and after pics so you can see what the fireplace looks like. 

…This winter has been an eventful one…as we learned the news that hubby must watch his calorie, cholesterol intake… not to mention going lower on the sugar as well.   I’m still on the ground level of having to re-learn what is good to eat verses the bad stuff.   It would be better if some of the bad stuff was GOOD for you.    Take ice cream.  The taste is outta this world…but forget it!, too much cholesterol.   I’ve been sticking to eating lite yogurt.  Kinda tastes like ice cream without all the bad affects. 

I did step outside- the air does seem a little warmer…  gets me all excited to see it melting!  Yee Haa 

 I see the sparrows, finches, cardinals all found the seed put out for them.   

well…I will try not to be gone as long….  good to see everyone again….wherever you may be!

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