Thursday, December 23, 2010

a successful failure

For 3 days we participated in a craft fair.   6 out of 12 were there.   The weather was nasty-snow and freezing temperatures.   I'm sure we weren't the only ones that held hopes high for this event...several I talked to also were hoping for sales.   For many of us this was our first time.   We were promised that this event would be properly advertised.  Ads via radio and billboards.   What we got was facebook, and a few signs placed around town.   I don't think these "signs" were seen....due to the non-existent foot traffic.  But we didn't know about the lack of advertising until the last day.   We just assumed I guess.    The first evening, the person heading up the fair, was bubbly with excitement.   I stopped to talk.   I'm not sure what made me say what I did...but this is what came out...I said, "well just remember, if we don't get the traffic and sales that we need from this event to think of it as a *successful failure*."   This person wasn't too sure why I said this and responded with- "why in the world would you say that?"   "Well, I'm not trying to say no one will do well"  "Then why did you say it?" I then explained about the Apollo 13 movie.  How they went to the moon with the intent of bringing back rocks and information...instead they had to find a way to get back to earth...without having the mission completed.   Crinkling up her nose she responded, "well that's dumb to compare this event with a movie!" "I'm just saying, if we don't get the kind of sales we would like, not to become depressed about it...but to move on with a positive attitude."   With that she walked away....talking to some of the other vendors.   The success I was referring the fact that we all got to know one another....for 2 evenings and half day on Saturday, we all got to yak and share stories about things in the past, present and future.  Some of the people we already kind of knew from church.  Others we'd never met, until that time.   Even with my "positive" attitude....I had times when my feeling were up and down....then finally down when on the third night we found out they didn't advertise like they said they would do.   I had to ask myself, what were they thinking?  Surely they knew placing an ad on the radio would cost big bucks, not too mention billboards!!  No wonder there wasn't any foot traffic.  Besides that~ it was way too close to Christmas, people just don't have all kinds of cash just to buy anything and everything.   During the last day, it wasn't even 4-0-clock, when "they" decided finally we weren't going to get any more business.   It didn't take us long at all to get things into boxes and head for the door, we filled up the back seat and drove away.   

  As we drove off into the sunset....I remember thinking how dumb it was for them to make us BELIEVE they did their best to get the word out.   OH someone did profit from this alright...they did.   Booth rent, was basically a donation of help fund a business they were starting.  (daycare).    I wouldn't think they would have much overhead to contend with as far as I know the main business is within the walls of a church.  So at the least, they may need funding for some things.   But the heat and electric would be paid for by the church officials.    Well the more I thought of this, the MORE it grew larger in my mind....the MORE I thought about all the time and effort I put into my candles and bath products the more my anger grew!   I fumed as we drove down the road.     After a few days past.... and the clouds parted in my brain....thinking became more clear..... it was just as I said ~ A Successful Failure ~  Yes, that's what it was.   I can also say this was experience I hadn't known before!   Experience of knowing what kinds of questions to ask before even plunking down my money the next time....if there is a next time!  LOL   I feel that I can laugh about this whole experience...well, not big belly laughs...more of a chuckle. ;)    I can also say this ~ I prayed over every aspect of my business, every jot and tittle...I was hoping God would just open the windows of heaven and heave out a big blessing of sales....of course, I was hoping the same for others....but also hoping for big sales.   Then, as I prayed I was "banking" on this event to get me in the Christmas spirit.   My oh my~ was I let down in a big way.    I don't think, that God was up there making fun my situation, no, I'm thinking he had plan to begin with... a plan to instruct me on how to navigate in my business, how to deal with people or at least how to deal with situations beyond my control.   What did I do about how I feel about Christmas....well, I know where it doesn't come won't come from people...the Joyous time of Christmas will come when I decide to focus on Jesus.  After all, isn't HE the REASON for the season?   Its not all about the gifts under the tree...its about how he died upon the tree to give us all LIFE.   Jesus is the best gift of all.  

Maybe your asking yourself, what or how did I deal with the anger over the situation beyond my control?   I decided to lay it down at His feet.  It isn't good to carry around will eat you alive.  
I know I got off my original track of thought....but I just wanted you to know what I went through....and who knows....maybe it will be something to see you through. 

Psalm 37:4

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Tettelestai said...

this was very well put and written!! our stretching and lessons are hard learned but sweeter when our Savior is the one teaching, yes?? God Bless!


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