Wednesday, December 22, 2010

3 days away

Christmas is just days away....and what have I accomplished?  Maybe I should say it this way...what haven't I accomplished?  Shopping.  Both my hubby and I have not even begun to shop for one another.  I'm not exactly sure what he would like.   His main hobbies include painting and radios.  I can cross off a new shortwave radio  as last summer he picked up one for free.   Some guy decided to give one away.   He said it didn't work very well.  Hubby cleaned up the connection, just a little corroded.  And now its in perfect working condition!   And painting, well he's got all the paint brushes he could ever want...and tubes of paint he picks up when its on sale.   I don't think I will even venture in those areas.    Last Christmas, I got him a book.   Yup, a book.  It was a book on money management by Dave Ramsey.   Because last year I was basically clueless as to what to buy him.   I thought of a gift card.  Socks.  How bout a tie?   Naw...he doesn't wear ties.   Maybe something cool for his computer?  I could sit here and try to guess...maybe I should just ask.   

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