Wednesday, June 1, 2011


                                                        This is Dolena our rescue dog from APL.
She's been doing really well fitting into our lifestyle.  I never noticed the white cross on her chest until we got home with her.   Dolena is a very loving, cuddly dog... she must think she is small enough just to be in my lap!    ♥    Don't let her sweet little face fool you, she is a hunter.   Rabbits don't stand a chance with Dollie on their trail.   We have to really be careful so she doesn't try to escape our fenced in yard.   So just like a new mom I constantly watch the yard to make sure she is okay.    

Our kitty, Mudpie has exiled himself to the enclosed back porch.  He doesn't really like the dog all that well.    We've tried at different times to introduce them.     Not to worry, Mudpie has food and water and his litter pan.   We take turns going out to be with him.  ♥

We love our animals.    

If you are a animal lover please make sure your dog and kitty have plenty of fresh cool water to drink during very hot days, also make sure they have a shady place in which to retreat.   If its too hot for your animals to be outside let them out long enough to do their business, and let them back in to the cool house. ♥   Your pets will thank you! ♥


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Stephanie said...

Such a cutie!! Glad she is fitting in and adjusting well with you. :)



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